Code Blue Africa teaches the ABC of lifesaving

Founded in 2016, Code Blue Africa (Lesotho Division) was founded by four medical professionals and a business and entrepreneurship professional. The idea was inspired by the numerous accidents and emergencies occurrences encountered without timely and adequate treatment.

Your products and services 

Our business impacts the market through six different ways. These are: (1) emergency medical trainings including First Aid, CPR, AED use, etc. in the workplace and at home, (2) provision of emergency medical equipment including First Aid kits and AED machines in the workplace and public places, (3) information of existing healthcare services and information about different medical conditions through the company website, (4) paramedic services including road and air ambulance and search and rescue services, (5) on-site treatment at events and public gatherings and (6) a call for help service in situations of accidents and emergencies.

Your success factors 

Our success factors are professionalism, innovation and a dedicated group of Directors.

Our five top unique selling points are: (1) efficient patient-centered and customized service delivery, (2) our unique and innovative product and service offerings, (3) a dedication to continuous improvement and constant quality assurance which work hand in hand with our customer service in terms of feedback and (4) our value proposition of saving each and every life.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Our line of work is disruptive because the services and business model is specific to developing countries with poor healthcare and emergency response.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Code Blue Africa’s has a traditional for profit business model for the trainings and on-site treatment. However, the on-site treatment is presently a partnership with an established clinic that has equipment. The business model for the sale of emergency medical equipment is a retail model where we purchase directly from the manufacturer, add a price mark-up and sell to companies.  Other services have not began to function but will assume a similar business model.

Current players in Lesotho’s healthcare industry include clinics, hospitals and NGOs. Red Cross Lesotho offers First Aid Trainings but they do not include, CPR, AED use, Basic Life Support and Early Warning Signs. Clinics and hospitals currently do not offer on-site treatment, information relating to medical conditions and provision of medical equipment. There are two paramedic companies which offer road ambulance services at premium rates, therefore neglecting the general public.

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