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For a modern driver, car auctions are the most profitable, convenient and always affordable way to buy a used vehicle. About the features and advantages of buying a car at auction, read our article.

Online shopping seemed impossible 20 years ago, but today with the help of the Internet, it has become possible to buy anything from any corner of the world, including an object as bulky and complex than a car. For a modern driver, car auctions are the most profitable, convenient and always affordable way to buy a used vehicle. About the features and advantages of buying a car at auction, read our article.

What is a car auction

car auctionA car auction allows vehicle owners to put their cars up for sale. Licensed access is required to bid at a car auction. The largest and most reliable car auctions do not provide the license to individuals to avoid fraud and only cooperate with dealers.

Only companies that have passed a rigorous screening, have an appropriate license, have a good brand image and make regular contributions are allowed to participate in the auction. This approach eliminates or minimizes the risk of selling stolen cars at auction and other types of buyer deception.

In the description of the lot, sellers indicate the model, characteristics, VIN number, mileage, as well as other information about the car. Auctions begin with the starting price set by the seller and end when the offered price matches or exceeds the previously set price.

Benefits of buying a car at auction

The main advantages of buying a car at auction are:

  • Huge selection of vehicles in one place. If the buyer is interested in a specific model, such a car can be represented at auction by hundreds of options.
  • Good technical condition of the car. At auction there are cars of varying degrees of wear and damage, but in such a large assortment there are many more options with minimal damage or even in perfect condition.
  • Simplicity, transparency and security of the transaction. Auctions have created an efficient algorithm that helps control the process of buying/selling cars online and minimizing the risk of fraud.
  • Material benefit. The cost of used cars at auction is significantly lower than what you will be offered on the auto market when selling a vehicle from the hands.

PLC Auction – the most favorable conditions for buying a car from anywhere in the world

PLC AuctionPLC Auction is a company with many years of experience in the international automotive market, which cooperates with the best automotive auctions in the world.

Why it is advantageous to buy a car through PLC Auction :

  • Quick and easy registration.
  • Access to auction catalogs and the auction.
  • Comfortable purchase conditions – the ability to buy a car on the best markets in the world without leaving home.
  • Delivery of the car to the buyer’s country from anywhere in the world.
  • Minimal risks – complete verification of the car’s history against its VIN code before purchase.
  • Compliance guaranteed by PLC Auction, backed by a formal contract with the buyer.
  • Integrated services – the company, caring for the interests of its customers, provides legal and technical support for the purchase and delivery of a car.
  • Advantageous price thanks to the well-established algorithm of actions and thoughtful logistics.

In which countries it is advantageous to buy a car

The most popular cars come from Germany, the United States and Korea. We will tell you in more detail why these countries are so interesting for the purchase of vehicles.

Advantages of buying a car in Germany

  • High quality fuel, engine in good condition for used cars.
  • Excellent condition and long life. This is due to the impeccable quality of the road surface in Germany and the very careful driving style of German drivers.
  • No signs of corrosion due to the milder climate compared to many European countries.
  • Good technical condition resulting from the pedantic attitude of the Germans towards the maintenance of the car (regular and quality technical services).

United States vehicles

United States vehiclesThe main advantages of buying a car in the United States are:

  1. Largest quantity and model assortment at US auctions.
  2. Lower prices compared to the European market.
  3. Variants with low mileage in excellent condition, which is due to the peculiarity of the American mentality – interest in new models, which is why owners sell their cars already 1-3 years after purchase.
  4. Honest History – a result of US auction transparency and thorough seller vetting.
  5. Original design. Automakers are consumer-oriented and produce models for the US market with a more contoured and luxurious exterior and interior design.
  6. Basic equipment is another criterion dictated by the increased demands of the American consumer. In the United States, you can find a car with a wide range of electronic features and equipment that are not available in the European domestic market.

Advantages of buying a car in South Korea

South Korea carsThe Korean car market is the most closed of all. This is the result of a government policy aimed at supporting local producers. In this regard, South Korea has the most favorable prices for cars of famous Korean brands. Among them are popular European models of SUVs, sedans, crossovers, minivans from Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet.

The advantages of Korean cars are:

  • good condition ;
  • original equipment, focused on the Korean domestic consumer – as a rule, this is very rich electronic functionality;
  • wide range of models with factory LPG;
  • vast majority of cars with automatic transmission, which is perfect for lovers of comfortable driving.

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