How Yandi revolutionized E-commerce with amazing digital solutions


This idea came into being at the time when myself and a member of the founding body was working on building an online market for tech devices and digital services as a lot of people had issues getting devices/services as such, being that most sellers or frontiers of such were mostly salespersons and not actual tech savvy. We were then contacted by another founding member on his interest in e-commerce at large. This was how the incorporation of a digital startup and a marketplace came into being. We spent a month creating a plan, name, goals and purpose to ensure that we were not just a business but a value-adding business. The founding members include; Scott C Eneje, Justice I Eneje and Michael Obinna Ikoku

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Your products and services

E-commerce and digital solutions (We have an Artificial Intelligence)

Your success factors 

We have the first e-commerce platform with an Artificial Intelligence. We started as a team of five and have grown to a team of fifteen all within our first year. As of today, Yandi is still less than a year but we have made great impact in the tech world of Nigeria and have major deals including a holding at Lyricash Nigeria whose representative is Mr Phillip (Pheels The Producer – An Nigerian Music Celebrity Producer)

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We have an e-commerce that is not only interested in being a retail market online but creating real digital innovations to simplify the process of online market systems. we also have yet to be released innovative and technological systems that would be used to transform the general idea of what e-commerce is today in Nigeria as we are utilizing new systems to making these things happen.

Your business model

Firstly, from our online retail market where we sell products for both merchants and as a company keeping a commission of every sale.

As a digital solutions company, we develop software, websites, mobile applications, graphics designs, animations and offer digital marketing services and training to small and large organisations. We have also created an AI (Functions would be elaborated on based on request), that has a very high potential financial value.

A few words about your competitors

We appreciate companies or groups that ventured into this field, as we are all simply looking and creating new ways to make life both easy and profiting to the everyday Nigerian man.

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