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In a conversation with a friend who works with a fruit juice manufacturing company here in Ghana, he lamented to me the difficulties they usually face getting trucks to haul fruits from farms to their factory. Our conversation prompted my curiosity about the trucking and haulage industry of Ghana.

After few days, I sought to find out more about the industry and their operations, this would lead me to talk to many truck drivers Unions in Ghana. Having found out how fragmented, disorganized and informal nature of the industry, I decided to take up the challenge start an initiative in an effort to enable easy booking of trucks in Ghana, and effective management of cargo transport process across Ghana and beyond.

My inspiration was further heightened when I spoke to the chairman of the Cargo Transport unions in Ghana, his enthusiasm about the initiative and how he believes Ghana Truckers would help streamline the haulage industry in Ghana was overwhelming.

Your products and services 

Truckers Ghana Limited ( services mainly focus on creating a common platform to allow load owners to easily and conveniently find trucks to transport the cargo to any destination in Ghana and the sub-region.

Whilst helping Load owners to conveniently find trucks to transport their cargo, our system help individual trucks owners and drivers to get more Loads and return loads.

Your success factors

Our success largely depends on strategic collaboration with all the Truck driver unions across Ghana, Also working with the Ministry of food and Agriculture in Ghana, we in the process of signing up over hundred thousand farmers in Ghana to assist the transport their produce to market centres. The convenience of our services and quality transport service continues to contribute to our success.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • offers load owners the convenience of simply going to our web portal to book trucks to transport their cargo without going through the hassle of moving around town looking for the right trucks. Load owner simply places a request online and we handle the rest.
  • More Loads for truck owners/drivers : our business model works around individual truck drivers/owners in Ghana, by signing these trucks onto our platform, we help them get more loads for their trucks and also return loads.
  • Build an electronic database of trucks in Ghana : by working with truck drivers and truck driver unions across Ghana, our system allows us to build an electronic database of all trucks in Ghana.

Your business model  

Truckers Ghana Limited ( main revenue model is 8-10% commission on every cost of freight transportation generated through our web portal.

Truckers Ghana Limited does not charge individual truck owners/drivers to list their trucks onto our platform.

A few words about your competitors

Although there are major players in each of the commercial trucking and haulage industry in Ghana, there is currently no company in Ghana which allows load owners to book trucks online to transport their freight.

Major chunk of the commercial truckers are in the informal sector and mostly belonging to unions, however, the market still remains highly fragmented.

Currently in Ghana, we don’t have any direct competitor in our approach of aggregating trucks and enabling load owners to book trucks online for freight transportation.

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