WTCB Solutions : STEM Education through in-class and E-learning

WTC Business Solutions was started by Oseni Adewale Paul to provide affordable business Solutions to SME’s in Nigeria. Being a technologist, Adewale believed that a lot of SMEs in Nigeria can actually last beyond their first 2 years inasmuch as affordable business solutions is within their reach. While Adewale was the founder, he had the help of Idera Oluwadamilola, another technologist helping him. They bought decided 2 years after the business was set up to reach a broader audience by providing practical STEM education to schools in Lagos State.

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Your products and services 

STEM Education through in-class and E-learning

Your success factors 

  1. Affordable
  2. Hands-on practical Classes
  3. Experienced instructors with many years in STEM fields
  4. Ability to learn both in class and online
  5. Cost reduction through the use of waste for hands-on classes

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • Over 60% of our practical classes uses waste as found in the environment to encourage recycling
  • Classes are all year round compared to competitions once or twice a year program
  • Our classes are designed to nurture the creativeness of every child.

Your business model   

Direct sales model. Students are enrolled per class per defined fee from the school

A few words about your competitors

While there is a handful of competition, only a few offers standard training.

Center4Tech, WTECH, and WAAW Foundation are the ones on the top list. This companies charge ranges between 100 – 350 USD per student for a course. Majority of their courses are focused on electronics and not so much of engineering or mathematics.

Their offices are located in the suburb of Lagos. In addition, most of their training are organized only through summer coaching and is more of a once in a year or at most twice in a year program. These organizations alongside several others are shot on staffs as you have a teacher taking more than one course. Above all, they are overly dependent on really expensive tools and component for their hands-on thereby increasing the tuition.

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