DSAbooks Planet: an online store that distributes books and digital materials of Nigerian authors

My name is Chioma Nwigwe, I am an ex-banker turned entrepreneur. I have over 9 years experience in Banking and decided to resign in 2016 to discover myself and pursue my passion. The idea came in 2016 after I read a book titled money won’t make you rich by Sunday Adelaja. I had gotten involved in a business investment that sunk my savings three years earlier ( 2013), all efforts to recover the funds proved abortive. We had gone as far as registering the case with EFCC yet there was no sign that the fund was going to be recovered.  I was in a serious problem because not only did I lose my funds in that investment, I also lost other people’s funds that I was managing. I decided to search for answers to prevent this problem from re-occurring in my life. I went in search of knowledge and self-education as I decided to take responsibility for my problem instead of blaming the next person.

After reading that book, I realized that I was to blame as it was my ignorance of the laws of money that got me into the problem. I decided to share that knowledge so others can benefit from the information that I found, that was how DSAbooks Planet was born.

DSAbooks Planet is an e-commerce online store that publishes and distributes mostly Sunday Adelaja books. The reason we decided to concentrate on his books is because he is Nigerian and has written over 300 books in Russia and translated over 150 to English. He has written books to address almost all problems common to man and has answered questions around marriage and relationship issues, self-education, problems, parenting, pastoring, serving God, leadership, Nigeria, death, etc. Not only did he write books, he has over 5000 messages on youtube addressing some of these questions. We have listened to him, our lives have been impacted and we believe that his content can deliver African continent from the third world position to the first world. 

Our success factors, in the past 3 years, we have been to coordinate the sale of over 50,000 of his books within Nigeria and Africa, and the demand for his materials have continued to increase.

We use the model of distributors to push these books and materials and we are happy to welcome more distributors on board especially in Nigeria/ Africa.

Our website address is www.dsabooksplanet.com

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