Drunk-Driving Accident

What to Do if You Get Hit by a Drunk Driver

An accident that happens due to drunk driving can be tough to bear. Victims who sustain injuries due to an intoxicated driver in Houston can receive a lot of compensation to cater for their injuries. Seek legal representation to enable an experienced and trained accident injury lawyer to claim compensation on your behalf, aside from fighting for your rights.

What Damages Can Victims in a Drunk-Driving Accident Claim in Houston?

Innocent drivers who always obey road rules can sustain injuries if an accident occurs due to another driver’s negligence. Drunk driving accounts for a significant proportion of accidents in most states, including Houston. Any accident involving an intoxicated driver can be catastrophic due to the high speeds and impaired reactions involved. Victims injured by an intoxicated driver in Houston can visit AttorneyGuss.com to know how they can recover the following types of damage:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost earnings
  • Future and current medical expenses, including surgery, emergency expenses, and ongoing rehabilitation
  • Loss of quality of life
  • In-home assistance
  • Permanent scarring

These are some common damages a Houston personal injury lawsuit can cover. Victims who sustain injuries caused by an intoxicated driver can also sue them for punitive damages. The judge awards these damages to the victim to punish the impaired driver for misconduct aside from warning other drivers against making the same mistake.

Houston Dram Shop Liability

Victims of intoxicated driving accidents may claim compensation from the restaurant which served alcohol to the driver. Under the dram shop laws, liquor stores, restaurants, and other establishments selling alcohol are held responsible for wrongful death or injuries caused by the intoxicated driver if alcohol gets served to a minor who leads to a drunk driving crash or a visibly intoxicated individual who presents a danger to others as well as to themselves. A dram shop liability suit is filed with other legal claims made by the family of the victim or the victim’s family. These laws also extend to social hosts who serve alcohol to a person under 18 years.

What if the Drunk Driver Is Uninsured?

Damages in a car accident injury claim are generally pursued against the responsible driver’s insurance company. You can seek compensation for the injuries you sustain via other venues if the at-fault driver has no insurance. Victims can sue a drunk driver by filing a civil lawsuit regardless of whether they have or don’t have insurance. In most instances, however, the at-fault driver without insurance is less likely to have adequate funds to cater for your damages. You can also pursue an uninsured motorist insurance claim which enables you to file a compensation suit with your insurance company.

Is an Intoxicated Driver Always Liable?

An intoxicated driver may not bear the brunt of liability following a civil claim, even if they’re criminally liable. Usually, an intoxicated driver will bear the responsibility for the accident, but liability may require sharing if other factors played a part in the accident. Work with a reliable Houston car accident injury lawyer to advise you on your options following an accident, aside from helping you protect your rights.

What Happens if an Intoxicated Driver Flees the Scene?

An intoxicated driver may choose to leave the accident scene following an accident before the arrival of the police. Victims should note that a drunk-driving lawsuit against the responsible party is still possible despite proof that the at-fault driver was intoxicated. Eyewitness testimony regarding the smell of alcohol, video evidence, and the reckless actions of the drunk driver can also help.

Victims who sustain injuries in a drunk driving accident should hire a reliable Houston lawyer. Work with an attorney with extensive knowledge of Houston regulations and statutes to improve your chances of securing a fair settlement. Your attorney should also provide legal representation on a contingency fee basis, as you only pay them upon winning your case.

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