CASPEM: Highly nutritional livestock feed

Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came :

Ugochukwu Stephen Ugwudi is the CEO, and the linchpin of the team. His a farmer, Textile Scientist and a social entrepreneur. Onyebuchi brings together 4 years of experience in statistics and financial management. Prof. Obi is a high profile researcher and animal feed expert.

Your products and services :

Highly nutritional livestock feed that is called CASPEM, produced from unexploited agricultural waste such as cassava peels, and cost 42% lesser than other existing regular feeds in the market.

Your success factors

Technology used: Tech 3-in-1 that eliminates the conventional methods of drying peels. Business Model adopted. Conversion of Waste to wealth, cleaner environment.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Price: More affordable than our competitors. Nutritional Supplements: a specially formulated diet very rich in protein. Economic Benefits: increased economic benefits for both cassava processors and smallholder farmers.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We generate revenue through the sales of our highly nutritional and low-cost feed. We operate a community based and self supportive model that recruits and empower rural women as vendors selling these products.

A few words about your competitors

The underlying fact behind their feeds is that they are all Corn-Based, which makes the feed very expensive and highly unaffordable.

To learn more about you (website, twitter, video presentation…)

Although we do not have any functional website or video presentation at the moment, that will form part of our plans as we progress.

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