XaasBinary connects millions of unemployed Kenyans with employers

Kevin Gichohi, Chief Executive Officer – Founder – Experienced Brand Analyst with 10 + years’ experience in the information services industry. Strengths in building Brand equity, Consumer Behavior, mobile telecommunications, Quantitative, Qualitative Research and business development.

It’s every Kenyan’s dream to land a job when they reach the age of 18 regardless of whether they attended college or university. But the bitter truth slumps them right in the face they struggle to find any job that they qualify for either through formal or informal training. The founders observed this and they decided they would not wait for the government to find a solution, they set out to find one. According to the United Nations in the Human Development Index (HDI) 2017 report, the rate of unemployment in Kenya is the highest in the East African region hitting a new high at 39.1 percent. The UN agency warns that this soaring unemployment in Kenya, risks breeding runaway crime and violence.

Your products and services 

Our simple innovation is aimed at on-boarding millions of unemployed and computer illiterate Kenyans who are in the informal sector (blue collar) and proprietors of small businesses to one social network. We would repackage these users based on skills they already possess for the employment seekers and create a digital presence for the SME owners focusing on the products and service they offer free from competition of other established business entities. This will significantly increase their employment and business/trade opportunities respectively.

Your success factors 

The idea – We are facing a serious social issue that needs to be urgently addressed

The leaders – The founder Kevin having over 10+ years’ experience in helping telecommunication companies acquire users. This happens to be the main pillar of the social network.

The team – Supporting members in Human resource, finance and software development all have a combined 30+ years in their respective fields

The plan – Simple plan that involves face to face user acquisition this will increase on-boarding conversions of the already identified target.

The growth – Current market target is guided by the PPP (Kenya-Poverty headcount ratio of $2 a day total size stands at 9million in Kenya. In Africa this number is estimated at 75million and growing)

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  1. Our service will initially assist over 1 million Kenyans to have a useful digital presence of their resumes and businesses. Currently, only 6.3% of Kenyans have basic knowledge of computer use, therefore this has locked out millions of unemployed Kenyans who are also computer illiterate from this digital resource.
  1. Zero costs in creating and updating their documents currently this costs Ksh 100-200/USD 1-2 dollars when updating their document per this will essentially save approximately between USD 1-2 million from the unemployed by developing free resumes for them.
  1. Users will spend Ksh 20/ USD 0.20 monthly on marketing their credentials which will reach millions of other users and potential employers and business prospects. Currently, users spend Ksh 500 -1200/ on transport and calling cards on face to face self-marketing monthly this will essentially save approximately USD 5-12 million monthly from the unemployed by helping them market themselves free of charge on a more effective platform.

Your business model 

Revenue – our innovation follows Software As A Service subscription business model. Revenue is based on a traditional Pay-Per-User pricing model of USD 0.2 a monthly rate which is accessible by the target with high penetration of mobile money as the preferred payment gateway

A few words about your competitors

Currently, we don’t have competitors.

Your website 



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