Wease? It’s a 2017-launched, free-of-charge messaging app working under Windows 10. And, it’s also a community of two million users around the globe.

In this mobile age, apps are bursting with evermore cumbersome functions. Wease goes straight to the point. Our aim? To propose a safe, user-friendly approach to computer messaging:

First of all, you don’t have to register and you can remain anonymous: no need for an email address, a phone number or validation! When you download the app, an account is automatically created and a username generated. Users are free to generate new usernames anytime they wish.

Secondly, encrypted messages ensure user security is sure-fire. These messages are deleted from our servers as soon as the contact receives them. No matter what, we only store them for a week at the most. And, last but not least, messages are sent for a single login, so you keep track of your audience and never lose touch!

Besides being user-friendly, Wease stands out as an ever-so light, high-performing messaging app. On a personal level, it’s particularly suitable for gamers (the number of frames per second doesn’t change!) and for users with run-of-the-mill computers. On a professional level, enhanced security and tracking add value to confidential exchanges.

As for its features, Wease invites you to send files and images. A video chat is also on the way!

We strive to keep a close track on user habits and also to take their feedback into account to enhance the browsing experience. We intend to further enrich Wease to meet messaging users’ new needs