VRHEALTH : a virtual reality and IoT digital health start-up

The VR/AR Group is an extended reality firm that uses virtual reality and augmented reality to solve some of our client’s greatest challenges. South Africa spends R20 billion on treating substance abuse such as alcohol and illegal and prescription drug abuse, but a study conducted showed that there was a 3% recovery rate of patients.

There is potential to use an immersive, virtual world through virtual reality exposure therapy and The VR/AR Group, alongside research partners in the EU and Africa, has designed a VRET platform that can be compatible with Samsung Gear VR and would be used to support healthcare professionals. The VR/AR Group is the first virtual reality digital health company based in Africa.

Your products and services 


Your success factors 

South African partners, German partners, USA partners, a strong team of engineers, healthcare professionals and researchers. In addition, the founder has launched a startup before that made a turnover > R1 million and 4 full-time employees in less than 18 months from R40000 seed funding.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

There is no other existing virtual reality digital health company in Africa with a VRET platform.

Your business model  

We make money through licensing the online platform and corporate partnerships.

A few words about your competitors

None of our competitors have addressed substance abuse contextualized to the contributing factors of specific high prevalence countries.

Your website 



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