PROVR Studio : a virtual reality studio working on architectural projects


MELLOUKI Mohamed Elhadi the founder of PROVR STUDIO  (VR MELLOUKI STUDIO the Algerian name) is a passionate virtual reality enthusiast, a self taught 3d designer and a computer programmer.

Combining both programming skills and 3d art and design, came the idea of video game development, then it matured to virtual reality development , I (Mohammed el hadi ) said why not making a business of it, here in Algeria to solve some problems the industry is facing. Such as architecture, medicine, automotive and education. And because virtual reality is really the future, and this technology is next major computing platform.

 Your products and services :

Create virtual reality solutions on pc platform and mobile, mainly architecture visualizations and automobile training solutions to prevent accidents of work.

Your success factors

Virtual reality itself, is a very convincing medium to people, whether it is architectural designs, to show clients their future property, or convince an authority for a promising projet, in general immersion is the key factor to our services.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

In Algeria, there are some startups providing mobile virtual reality services for the architecture industry, mainly their service is providing the client with 360 photos on a mobile and a vr viewer,this solution is not as efficient as ours, we provide fully immerssive and interactive virtual reality applications using game engines technology,

Your business model (how do you make money?)

For architecture we charge by square meter (8€ to 15€) plus the hardware for the solution (Samsung Gear VR,or the HTC VIVE)

Outside architecture, we charge as any software development process, by charging on hours.

A few words about your competitors

We believe in Algeria companies providing the quality of our services doesn’t exist yet, because virtual reality is still new to the market. We figured that out while participating in “e-logia” a real estate show in Oran, this was in November 2016

 To learn more about you

Facebook : PROVR STUDIO 


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