Unified Learn : a user friendly platform for individuals who want to learn new skills

After working as professionals in different industries in Zambia, We realized that the skills gap between education and the workplace was a pressing need. Coming from teaching families, we started Unified Learn to bridge this gap through the power of technology by empowering Zambians with technology and world-class learning opportunities to develop a competitive edge and progress in their careers. 

Today, we focus on ICT Digital Driving Licences as well as Teaching Methodology Certificates using our own online learning platform. In the future, we will develop online courses in more areas.

Our DNA: “Stop chasing education, with Unified Learn, education comes to you“.

We have Big ambitions for our users, using the power of technology we are providing a platform for our users to take their career to the next level.

Our strategy is focused on online and contact blended programs for both ICT ready clients and the “Born Before Computers BBC” clients.

For ICT ready clients we are offering:

  • Teaching Methodology for Professionals ( eLearning )
  • Computer-Aided Design ( auto-cad, GIS)   and Modeling for engineers ( blended Contact and eLearning )
  • Advanced Excel for Accountants

For the “Born Before Computers BBC” clients

  • ICT for educational Professionals ( Blended Contact Classes )
  • ICT  for individuals ( Contact classes )

We are the first eLearning platform in Zambia focusing on Adult Education, therefore, building reputation and establishing credibility is core and critical to our success in the eLearning education space. That is why we have taken the following steps and brainstorming on more steps to build credibility.

  • Partnered with Mufulira Technical Training Institute which is TEVETA accredited. The Technical Education, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) is a body which regulates, and monitor Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training in consultation with industry, employers, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Certified Teachers and Experienced Professionals   

Our Revenue stream is from tuition fees from UniLearners ( Unified learn students), who either take our eLearning Courses or Blended contact courses.

We launched unified learn courses in July 2017, so far here are our numbers:

  1. ICT for educational professionals- 70 unilearners trained 94 waiting to be trained including 10 from a repeating school
  2. Teaching Methodology for professionals- 9 being trained online
  3. CAD and modeling for engineers- 2 organizations have been trained and 4 individuals have been trained

Our main competitor is mwabu, which has been offering on e-learning via tablet computers for primary education in Zambia

More information on our work visit our websitewww.unifiedlearn.com



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