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UjuziKilimo: using innovative sensory technology and database to provide precise and actionable information to farmers.

From a farming village in western Kenya, Bosire managed to join university to pursue electronics engineering. All along, he was motivated by the struggles of his farming parents to raise school fees and at the same time deal with poor farm harvest each season after investing a lot of time and money. Drawing inspiration from this background, he founded UjuziKilimo which in Swahili means “Knowledge farming”.  At the age of 19, he imagined of a simple device that his mother could simply stick into the soil and instantly know what crops could offer her maximum yield, what amount and type fertilizers she needed and best seed varieties in order to reduce the risks involved in traditional farming by trial and error. She had already paid so much, with her own health, for straining too much and making mistakes every time she tried farming. This opened his perspective to  the over 400 Million African small holder farmers who rely on their guts to make critical farming decisions, most of these farmers have been locked in the poverty cycle due to lack of education, ignorance and even basic skills to enable them make their only economic activity productive.  He knew that such a device would be his simplest contribution to ending the poverty, hunger and ignorance cycle, with the bigger vision of turning the rural farmers into productive happy families, able to feed not only feed their households but also their communities, and feel proud to contributing to positive economic development for better living standards.

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UjuziKilimo is innovative sensory technology and database that will provide precise actionable and easy to understand information to farmers to help increase their crop productivity and access markets for their produce.

UjuziKilimo has directly helped over 200 rural farmers most of whom have seen an average increase in productivity of 36% over the last one year, impacting over 1,000 people through direct and indirect employment opportunities especially for our field agents. By increasing the productivity of the farmers who are the providers of their households, our impact has greatly been amplified to over 3000 through available consistent food for the families and their local communities.

Your success factors 

The UjuziKilimo technology using sensor device and real-time interactive platform brings convenience by delivering on sight analysis with improved accuracy, turnaround time and more data apart from just soil fertility data. We provide a data rich recommendation with additional information on weather, pest management and best practices tailored to specific farmer needs. We create an everlasting relationship with the farmers through the production process hence generating better insights and enhancing our recommendations.

UjuziKilimo provides a complete package of soil analysis for $20 and continuous recommendations to farmers over a season for $6 annual subscription. We allow flexibility of payments either as a one off payment or a $3.5 payment distributed over 6 Months which is the average duration of a crop season in Kenya with payments done via Mobile money M-pesa.

Our Price point is affordable for the farmers compared to the competing solution like labs where farmers spend at least $30 for their reports.

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