Clickfunding : an innovative method to raise funds at no cost

At the dawn of the Arab spring of 2011 it was clear that social media had the power to unite people and inspire change. No doubt you’ve heard that story countless times already, but that moment was key for the now- Bassita team who realized that if social media could be used to start a revolution, what would stop it from continuing to bring change and development to Egypt and beyond? The co-founders decided to use the power of social media to create a concrete impact for the community. 

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Your products and services 

Social media is a great way to raise awareness on positive initiatives and to communicate with a base of followers. The question is, how to harness the visibility social media generates to raise funds for an organization at no cost for the social media users? The answer is Clickfunding.

Clickfunding boosts scalability and social impact by tending to a communication gap between causes, sponsors and Internet users. It integrates millions of Internet users into the fundraising process, offering huge visibility to potential sponsors, to raise money more effectively for the causes we care about.

Your success factors 

Clickfunding allows social media users to contribute to positive change in their communities at no cost, simply through the click of a mouse or tap of a screen. By viewing, liking, commenting or sharing elements of a Clickfunding campaign users can generate points that are then transformed into funding and implementation by partnering NGOs and sponsors. The more social media users interact with the campaign, the more impact is created on the ground level.

The model creates a win-win-win situation for those involved. Why three wins?

1) A win situation for the NGO that creates public commitment for its cause and use of an innovative mechanism of financing.

2) A win situation for the web users because they can contribute to society with just one click. 

3) A win situation for the sponsor (their logo will be in the campaign) that is sure that the amount they pay is linked to the visibility they receive.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The Clickfunding is innovative in itself as a new mechanism of fundraising based on social media interactions. The model is completely new and has been invented and operated by our team. We consider it as an organic evolution of social media, where clicks have value and can lead to a concrete impact.

To operate, the Clickfunding relies on Tech 4 Goods, which is another innovative aspect of our social startup. We created a tracking system that monitors all the interactions on a social media campaign (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube). All interactions (like, share, comment, retweet…) are transformed into points that go into the progress bar on our website. The more the progress bar is filled, the more the sponsor(s) pay for the impact.

Your business model  

Bassita, the startup that invented the model is producing all the required content for Clickfunding campaigns and is paid accordingly for content creation. Such content includes videos, infographics, awareness posts, ect. Fees also apply for hosting campaigns on the Clickfunding website and providing technologies that allow for tracking any interactions made on four social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube).

We do not take any commissions from the fund raised for the cause. 

A few words about your competitors

Clickfunding is a unique model. However, Crowdfunding, an impactful model that theoretically allows anyone to financially contribute to a positive initiative, could be considered as the main competitor. Yet in Egypt for instance, only 7% of the population owns a credit card, meaning that the majority of the population is automatically excluded from partaking in the model. Meanwhile, Clickfunding raises funds for positive projects based on social media interactions, at no cost for social media users.

Your website 

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