FlexxiPayplus: A Revolutionary System to easily provide startup capital to all Africans

One of the biggest challenges in Africa presently is the inadequate availability and lack of easy access to startup capital. Many Africans can be empowered to create successful small businesses for themselves (especially in agriculture) if they have easy access to startup capital.

FlexxiPayplus is a disruptive innovation to provide startup capital to all Africans through a new innovative letter of credit system designed and developed by Folorunso Femi an Information Systems Manager out of the pain and frustration of seeing lots of enterprising youths including himself been unable to access capital to lauch great business ideas and profitable small businesses with potentials of creating more jobs, reducing poverty and bringing about notable economic developments.

With FlexxiPayplus we can easily raise up to $100billion Letter of Credits and provide $1000 funds to 100million Africans to start a small business with a primary focus on agriculture every year. These Letter of Credits will be sourced and jointly provided by the general public which includes the government at all levels, private and public organizations, international organizations and individuals.

FlexxiPayplus has a built-in high security structure to insure all business capital provided are used 80% for business purposes with a structure to guarantee 99% easy payback.

The startup funds will be provided without collateral, with no guarantor needed and 1-2years payback duration on a 5-9% interest rate.  Recipients are only required to provide an initial cash insurance of 10-20% of their request.

FlexxiPayplus is anchored on the mobile platform and easily accessible through all kinds of mobile phones, with or without internet connections. It is accessible through USSD, Web UI and Mobile Apps channels.

FlexxiPayplus is 100% designed on a cashless, paperless mobile structure. Anyone with a mobile phone in Africa is eligible to access FlexxiPayplus services.

Your products and services 

FlexxiPayplus is a smart mobile business application to grant all Africans easy access to startup capital.

We primarily provide a secure platform to manage, transfer and control all provision, allocation and usage of a new proprietary letter of credit system to provide startup capital to Africans.

Your success factors 

  • Revolutionary idea/disruptive innovation:  financing startups using letter of credits instead of cash
  • Global solution: can be easily replicated in all countries worldwide
  • Mobile phone solution: instantly available and accessible through any kind of phone with or without internet connections
  • Large target market/customers: the solution is designed for all mature citizens of all African countries
  • Cashless solution: it is structured on a cashless delivery system
  • Security structure: built with a high security structure to insure all business capital provided are used 80% for business purposes with a structure to guarantee 99% payback
  • Unlimited credits: the system is so robust it can raise unlimited amounts of letter of credits to provide finance to over 100million individuals every year

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

FlexxiPayplus is the first solution/innovation in the whole world structured to use a new letter of credit system to provide startup capital to the general public/large recipient with the letter of credit jointly provided by the government, organizations and individuals.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

FlexxiPayplus is a subscription based service offering, we will make money through:

  • annual subscriptions from all users of our application
  • interest from funds provided and
  • other administrative fees and charges

A few words about your competitors

There are no direct competitors for our services

Your website 



Twitter: @FemiFlexxi, #FlexxiPayplus

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  1. I just read through your business profile and found out this can be easily implemented with the full support of all

  2. Please how can be a part of your team, I am greatly inspired and really want to work with you guys. This is truely innovative