Nautic Paris Boat Show

The Paris Boat Show – An Event Not to Miss

The 61st Paris Nautic is fast approaching.  The Paris Boat Show is a great worldwide event for lovers of extreme sports such as yachting and boarding.  Sports enthusiasts and amateurs will explore different attractions in the nautical space during the event.

Apart from a huge variety of boats and yachts spread over two halls, you will find board sports, motor boats, and equipment at the Nautic Paris International Boat Show.  Tourism professionals will have a lot to see as the show aisles will be lined with several new products in the nautical territories, alternative energy solutions, ideas for your next holidays, and much more.

Innovative products will be on display in this year’s show. To maintain a secure journey, the professional uses sidepower to cater safety of its visitors. Aside from having Virtual Reality (VR) water skiing or wakeboarding and short films about boating, the sea, and fishing, there are several other reasons why you should attend this event.

Vent: Nautic Paris Boat Show

Dates: Saturday, 3 December – Saturday, 10 December 2022

Location: Paris, France

Explore Dreamy Landscapes Virtually

Many people would love to travel.  However, they need to learn how to find the best holiday destinations.  Magazine Art de Vivre has enlightened seasoned and novice travelers about the glorious destination sites and upcoming events.  Even so, you will learn more when you visit the Porte de Versailles for nine whole days.  You will dive into the RV space without getting wet.  While VR doesn’t replace the pleasure of visiting these places or having the activities in real life, it gives you a glimpse of what to expect.

With the help of a 3D, 360-degree vision helmet and a 100% solar-powered boat, you can discover the Cote d’Azur heritage and other dreamy landscapes.  Nowhere else can you see these new developments other than this biggest indoor part in France.

Learn about Various Nautical Activities

So many nautical professionals and enthusiasts will attend the event and make presentations.  You will learn from these experts about scuba diving, kite surfing, sailing, river navigation, etc.

While attending the Paris Boat Show, you will meet and interact with nautical heroes.  You’re sure to meet Mark Sinclair, an Australian sailor, and skippers like Simon Curwen, Pat Lawless, Marc Cambounet, and Arnaud Gaist, who will share some of their hardship experiences.

Discover a Variety of Boats

Your nine days in the Nautic Paris International Boat Show will be full of amusement and discovery of the latest trends and new technology in the nautical world.  The French capital will display a wide range of motor boats, sailing boats, surfing equipment, and products.

Festive Nautical Night

The nine days of fun and auditory experience, the event will conclude with a festive nautical night which is open to all visitors.  Indeed The Paris Nautic is an incredibly special moment that no one should miss.

In Conclusion

The Paris Boat Show will be held on 3 – 10 December.  It’s an unmissable national event and a special moment for sailing fans and those who want to learn about the nautical world.

Whether a nautical professional or an enthusiast, you must visit Paris and hear about boating and yachting.  It will be a time to interact with the entire marine leisure community or admire various boat models on display.

Indeed you will be won over!

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