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2022’s Top Athleisure Trends, Items, and Colors  

The love of athleisure remained in 2022. Just because it’s no longer the hottest trend like it was doesn’t mean many didn’t wear it throughout the year and won’t continue to do so. These days it’s more expected and every day than a surprising trend, and there’s nothing wrong when fashion consists of style and comfort. Let’s talk about some popular athleisure items that were part of last year that you’ll likely continue to see in 2023.


Some athleisure trends became apparent with heels, but many wearers opted for sporting sneakers. It gave those who wore sneakers a nice break from heels in favor of extra comfortable footwear that took them from the gym to brunch to remote working. 

If you’re going to be rocking one or more of your favorite pairs of sneakers in 2023, they will undoubtedly get dirty as you walk around, so make sure to do what you can to keep them as clean as possible. As a result, it is imperative if they’re all or mostly white, as it’s a hue that will show dirt the easiest. The same goes for sneakers with white shoelaces. If you have any questions about adequately cleaning a particular pair of sneakers, don’t hesitate to contact the company to ask for specific instructions. 


Black leggings are undoubtedly one of the most popular (if not the most popular) colors of leggings. Although many opt for the solid color with no specific designs, many people also choose to go a different route, such as wearing ones with mesh detailing or in bright, bold colors and designs. Blues, grays, and browns are some of the leggings shades you probably saw others wearing throughout 2022. 

As versatile as solid-color black leggings are, don’t hesitate to stretch your athleisure style in 2023. You can still wear the tried-and-true black pair you love, but consider giving other options a try, like ones in a different color or style. You could find an additional pair that you love.

Cropped tops

You may have noticed a lot more cropped tops in 2022. From tanks to sweatshirts, there were several versions fashionistas were wearing. This athleisure style provides enough comfortable coverage for hot days while still allowing for layering as temperatures change, whether on a summer evening or throughout the rest of the year. 

If you feel wearing a cropped top isn’t your thing as it is, even though you like the look, consider going the layering route. Then, you can still have the style you want, with an added amount of coverage you feel comfortable wearing.

Biker shorts

These skin-tight shorts had quite the popularity boost in 2022, especially those in a black hue, although they’re available in many other colors ranging from white to green. They were additionally known as cycling shorts, worn for more than a going-for-a-bike-ride way. Many chose to take the style and play with it a little, such as by pairing it with more polished items like blouses and blazers in addition to things you may typically see them with, such as tank tops, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and various styles of sweatshirts.

Should you want the biker shorts on full display, a top like pre-shrunk t-shirts, cropped tops, and sports bras are the way to go, but if you want more coverage, you still have plenty of other options. For example, you could wear longer t-shirts, tank tops, or sweatshirts, so only a little of the biker shorts peek out from the bottom. An additional option that combines the two looks is to wear the shorter top you want with a clothing item like a blazer or long cardigan over it, giving you the best of both styles. 

Sports bras

Finding excellent sports bras that provide great coverage has sometimes been effortless. Still, nowadays, it’s easier than ever, mainly thanks to the boost in the past several years of the athleisure trend. You may have also noticed an increase in super-strappy options that have crisscrossing straps in the back. There are also several other varieties, including ones with a front closure.

When buying a sports bra, ensure you’re getting the best one, including the material and the size.

It’s unlikely you’ll find someone wearing a sports bra over another shirt; you’ll typically find the sports bras worn either as is, under a shirt, or with a cropped hoodie that cuts off above the primary area of the sports bra or right below it. With several styling options for how to wear it, you can easily sport this popular item comfortably. 

Pullovers and hoodies

Plenty of people will wear pullovers and hoodies in 2022, and chances are it will continue to grow in 2023. So whether you’re wearing one with the biker mentioned above shorts, denim shorts, skirts, dresses, chinos, jeans, and more, you have plenty of options for how to wear them from one season into the next. 

If you still need a high-quality hoodie or pullover in your wardrobe, like the Bella + Canvas quarter-zip pullover wholesale, consider starting with the plain basics that offer the level of warmth you desire while giving you the style you want. Think about getting one in color, style, and construction you know you’ll often wear, such as one in black, so you can try it out with different bottoms to construct new-to-you outfits. 

One of the most significant benefits of athleisure, besides the level of comfort, is that it’s a no-fuss style. You can still look great as usual while remaining comfortable no matter where you’re sporting your look. So consider giving some varying athleisure a try in 2023, especially ones you’ve never worn before, and see if you can find some versatile options that can boost the athleisure levels of your wardrobe.


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