SmartAg : high quality weather and agronomic data provider

Daniel Mbeyah is a Web/Mobile Applications Developer and Computer Science graduate.

Joshua Obuya is an Economics and Statistics graduate and researcher by profession.

SmartAg was born out of the need to improve food security by reducing effects of climate change.

Your products and services 

 1. Location-based weather and climate information

2. Agronomic analysis and crop monitoring

3. Mobile-based communication platform & survey tool

4. Market for ready produce

5. Insurance and agriculture finance listing and introduction

Your success factors 

 Onboard and sustain a positive relationship with farmers and field officers using SmartAg by providing accurate and efficient tools to facilitate decision making and farming practices.

Market agricultural produce to improve economic livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

SmartAg is a unique platform. From his desk, an agricultural field officer will be able to know the stage at which his/her farmer’s crop is at. He will be able to see past stages, current stage and the immediate next stage of the crop. This will be compared with past 10-year norms and send risk SMS alerts where necessary. What is even better is a risk monitoring system that alert the field officer/farmer of potential pests/diseases to watch out for during a particular stage. SmartAg informs the field officer/farmer of when his crop will mature and informs a wider market of this produce as well. Agriculture service providers will be notified of fertilizer or pesticide needed at specific regions as well. All that is needed is a field officer/farmer to send an SMS to a given shortcode. SmartAg is intended to be a field officer’s “handbook” from which they can simultaneously communicate with their farmers, get agricultural tips and insight as well as agriculture finance and insurance providers. The field officer can also conduct short surveys and get a synthesized presentation of feedback from farmers in graphs, charts or tables.

SmartAg’s voice module also provides a platform to overcome literacy barriers by allowing field officers to pre-record audio messages in dialects understood by the target audience (farmers) and bulk-call all farmers to play the message on their phones.

Your business model

 Every farmer supported on the SmartAg will pay an annual subscription fee of $4.

Targetted market is non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support farmers through agricultural extension officers, manufacturers who use farm produce as raw materials, agricultural services and products providers that sell to farmers, and government institutions that support farmers through agricultural extension officers. My proposition includes real time monitoring of crop hence improved production planning, real time weather report (past and forecast), crop risk monitor and mitigation suggestions hence improved food security, simple communication platform (Voice/SMS based to individual/bulk), consolidated agriculture resources for reference, access to market and market prices, simple records management and calendar, integrated mobile survey module.

A few words about your competitors

 SmartAg’s greatest competitors are focused on providing tips and weather information via SMS to farmers.

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