Shems for lighting: promotion of solar and ecological lamps

CHAKROUN Youssef and Rai Zakaria two ambitious entrepreneurs and full of enthusiasm have for mink to exchange the world.

We are old Scouts and from time to time we make trips is always remarkable people’s suffering from the absence of drinking water etc. then we thought helped these people

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Your products and services 

SHEM’S FOR LIGHTING” is a social enterprise that aims at the design, production and marketing of solar and ecological lamps for the inhabitants of regions suffering from a lack of a sustainable light source. 

Our company to offer an economic product called “shems kendil” this product consisting of two parts:
Electronic part: consisting of a mini solar panel connected with a battery via a regulator, the battery with a autonomy of 12 hours of operation which feeds the “LEDs” with low power which give a lighting of 50 w
Support part: consists of two parts: lower part which contains the LEDs and upper part which contains the panel, battery, and control board, thanks to this developed system one can fix the lower part on the bottom plate and the other one elsewhere So that it remains contact with the sun, as one can assemble the parts for ease the movement of people in the night, also the product equipped with a threading that allows to regroup it with a bottle filled with water plus l Bleach for lighting amplification.
What makes the difference between our product with others is that we have a multifunctional product that offers the user several uses.

Your success factors 

We started with the Moroccan market which represents approximately 7500 households = 1 500 00 $ electricity, currently we are focused on the market of Mejjat (Grand Atlas, 104 km of Marrakech), we were able to detect more 7500 people its electricity and we manage to equip houses with our products.
Our vision of the future is to attack the African market because it represents a market size of 600 million people with a turnover of $ 24000000 currently we are in contact with NGOs in TOGO, GHANA to implement our project in these country.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We have international partners ENPACT (Startup Mentoring) – LITER OF LIGHT for all that is training, guidance and Mentoring
National Partners: OCP (Entrepreneurship Networking) FOUNDATION – Unilever Maghreb
FABLAB Casablanca; ENACTUS MOROCCO with these partners benefit from workspaces, guidance training and financing.
For suppliers: we have local suppliers for electronic components and for example NEXTRONIC
For customers, the majority of people who suffer from the lack of lighting
The interaction of all these stakeholders gives a force to our project in arriving at the objectives laid down.

 Your business model (how do you make money?)

We generate the revenue through the distribution and sale of the product, as well as we have another lux decorative product based on the Moroccan clay and the solar energy that already exists at the market.
For growth prospects, we aim at public lighting with the same principle to make the diversification.

A few words about your competitors

At the moment we are the only ones in the market we do not have competitors, and thanks to our word-of-mouth marketing strategy that consists of this moved with the product and talked with people about the quality of our product we stand out on The brains of people.

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