ScholarX supports education by helping students access scholarships


 ScholarX was founded by Lagos, Nigeria based Engineers Abayomi Johnson and Maxwell Ogunfuyi and Houston, Texas based Business Professional Bola Lawal. The initial idea came from Maxwell, who realized how hard it was for him to access available opportunities in Nigeria and he sought to compile local based scholarships, with an intent to eventually convert into a mobile application. The partners got together and after some brainstorming and analysis, decided to move forward with creating a platform that curates locate and foreign based scholarships and Nigeria was selected as the pilot for the local scholarships

Your products and services :

 ScholarX app on Android and iOS

Your success factors

5,000 users

60% daily active users

Facebook page : 40K likes

Twitter : almost 10K followers

Instagram : 5K  followers

World Summit Awards National Nominee

 Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

 ScholarX goes above and beyond by providing the users with a dynamic platform where they can easily search for and access available opportunities, as well as advisory services throughout the application process. ScholarX is the only mobile solution in this space

Your business model

 Our business model consists of : yearly subscriptions, workshops/training, partnerships, and Ads sales (web and mobile)

A few words about your competitors

 There really are no competitors in the mobile space trying to solve this problem. The few offering this kind of service have static websites where they post links of few scholarships.

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  1. Good afternoon. Pls I got a message from a friend on this site that as a student we are to write a 300 statement stating the reason why we deserve the scholarship. Pls can I get a detailed information about it (requirement) cos I CNT see it online .tnk u