REUS : an online real estate platform

Real Estate and Utility Services originated from a challenge I encountered while seeking a house to let in the city of Lagos. Being encumbered in work, I saw little opportunity and time to actually scout for the house of my desire. The online real estate platforms couldn’t give me a satisfactory solution.

Real Estate and Utility Services (REUS) is an online real estate platform that seeks to completely take advantage of the dynamism of the internet and mobile technology to provide perfect real estate services within the confines of one’s luxury. It eliminates the need to go around searching for adequate properties to let, buy/sell, employ services such as electrician, plumber etc. 

My key factor here will be creating a blend for everything on the webpage/App. Videos will be utilized to display the properties rather than pictures as commonly utilized by other online real estate platforms. The addition of the servicemen/handymen/artisans will also be a plus for the web page.

Now in Nigeria, most online real estate platforms display just pictures as proof of existence of the property. However, this lacks credibility and the customer cannot rely on pictures alone to ascertain if he will be satisfied with the property he is purchasing. Now the use of videos is an assurance of the credibility of the property. The inclusion of the servicemen is also another disruptive, innovative measure. Customers requiring new properties will also require the services of interior decorators, carpenters, plumbers, movers, House cleaning etc. 

At the first phase, we will charge a service fee of 5% of the rent money while the agreement and commission go to the diverse agents we liaise with. At the second phase, when we have secured credibility, through massive digital marketing, property owners approach us directly to sell their wares by uploading on our webpage videos of their properties in line with our policy. That way, we become the agents managing the property. 

Real estate owners in Nigeria aren’t visionary enough and are slacking in their aim to control major properties in Nigeria. My proposal will completely overhaul Nigeria with great work.

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