Rata-grab, disrupting the African fast-food market

Coming back from India and working as a software developer for Njorku.com and other companies, I had difficulties getting food when I really needed it.

With 43% of the total disposable income per household annually in Cameroon spent on food and beverages and Not being the only person with the need to eat while at work or without the extra time to get to a restaurant, I decided to put a team together that can be able to deliver cooked food to busy consumers on a daily bases.

Rata-grab was created in June 2016 in Buea Cameroon by Njaiyo Sakwe who is the Founder/CEO with Software development experience of more than 4 years.

Your products and services 

We allow hungry food consumers to search nearby restaurants and order food through our online platform from the convenience of the mobile devices (Phones, Tablets and laptops).

Your success factors 

We have a team that understands the African fast-food market and the eating culture of our market.

We have the technical talent to implement and continuously implement new functionalities.

We have a good and dedicated marketing and logistics team which is able to find new ways to reach new consumers.

We have an advisory board of established entrepreneurs.

Your business model

We tax restaurants registering with us a one-time registration fee of $10  after which we present them with our payment plans.

  • Commissions per transactions + delivery fee

We tax registered restaurants a 15% commission per transaction +  the delivery fee which is paid on delivery by the user placing an order.

The commission is paid by the restaurant at the end of the month.

  • Subscription

   The restaurant pays a monthly amount of $17.98.

  • Premium advertising  $5

Premium advertising is for restaurants wishing to rank higher in search results on our platform.

A few words about your competitors

In Cameroon with the demand for fast food growing due to low unemployment, more and more new restaurants are being set up serving fast food. Our competition on a small scale are restaurants and some fast food shops.

Out of Cameroon, Orderin, Hellofood, Easyappetite ,and Foodcourt are amongst our main competitors.

Your website 



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