BuyIt : an android app that helps buyers find what they want to buy

IDEA : BuyIt is an android app that helps buyers find what they want to buy. It links the buyers to the sellers. The buyer just posts an item they want to buy plus the budget they are willing to spend and a photo of the item. After that, they just sit back and wait for sellers to make them offers plus the pricing and an accompanying photo of the item. The buyer can then choose from the posted items and can even chat with the seller directly for negotiations or inquiry purposes.

The buyer finds sellers easily and vice-versa the sellers finds ready buyers easily and conveniently.

HISTORY : The idea came about when one day last year (2016) when I wanted to buy something online. I rummaged the net, downloaded numerous buy & sell apps and even walked store to store; all of this to no avail! Arrggh! All the apps I saw online were Seller Based apps – where the app showcases what the sellers are selling. None of them were Buyer Based – where the buyer posts what they want to buy and …behold… (drum-rolls)… BuyIt Was Born!


Nicholas Songok : Developer (Android, Java, Web Developer)

Adroid app link : BuyIt: Find What To Buy & Sell

Your products and services 

An android application (BuyIt). Web app is under development, will be coming soon.

Functionalities :

  • Post Item
  • Upload photos
  • Chat
  • Like
  • Search
  • Share
  • Login via Facebook or Google

Success factor

Unique and never-used-before Buyer-Based mode E-commerce solution.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

My solution is a Buyer Based Solution. The buyer posts what they want to buy and the sellers bid for the items. So the buyer chooses what is perfectly suits them, they can also chat with seller and negotiate on the price, quantity and quality. The buyer gets sellers for their items easily and also the sellers gets ready buyers for their items easily. A Win-Win Scenario for all!

Your business model

The solution, for now, is free for all. In future I will be charging seller for each sale – Still under review and anaylsis.


Android App :

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