ProQuest : a medical laboratory in Namibia

My partner and I as co-founders are both Biomedical Scientists by profession with a combined 14 years experience in the industry. Since university, the dream was always to open a laboratory and after I managed the second biggest blood banking laboratory in the country, we decided that we were ready to take that step in 2015.

Medical Laboratory science in Namibia is quite one note and that becomes routine. I was always of the opinion that if we as young scientists wanted to change that, we had to be bold enough to be at the forefront of that change. We decided to do just that.

Your products and services 

Laboratory tests commissioned research, innovation and training

Your success factors 

Youngest owned medical laboratory in Namibia

Recently received approval to perform a specialized test on pregnant women across the country for the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

We are approved service providers for MVA Fund and Swakop Uranium.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The only medical laboratory in the country that incorporates both research and innovation as services.

HIV Counseling certified and offer HIV testing and counselling services to walk-in clients at a reduced rate.

Your business model

We earn money by Laboratory tests referred to us by private Doctors for their patients and Walk-in clients

Other tests (e.g. water analysis) by private clients.

A few words about your competitors

Our biggest competitors have been dominating the industry uncontested for over 20 years and have the common brand advantage, experience, test menu and resources to rapidly expand and adapt to challenges in the industry. The other competitors have experience and resources to expand as an advantage. 

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