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Amos Obi, General Director, HETAVAD Skills Networks, is an Inventor, Creative Writer, and Social Entrepreneur. Educationally, he is a versatile academic with training and vast experience in Pharmacology, Veterinary Science, Science Technology, Computer/Business Management, and Theology. HETAVAD Skills Networks is a Nigeria based  Social Enterprise that was founded in 2014 as an interventional body to bridge the gap of Unemployment, Poverty, Hunger, Inequalities/Injustices and Youths Restive.

We undertake Health, Entrepreneurship, Technological Innovations, Agricultural and Vocational Academic Development ( which is HETAVAD) through Research, Training, Advocacy and Innovative approaches to promote Peace, Sustainable Living/Development and Human Survival through the “Felt Need” Concept. And right from the year 2014 when we launched out and published our first major work titled: “Innovative Strategies for Human Survival” otherwise known as the “HETAVAD Handbook”, we have been strategically positioned with a number of innovative approaches which have been deployed at different levels with great results.

And of more recent, our HETAVAD Organic Floating Fish Feeds formulated from locally available agricultural wastes and Patented to help Smallholders Farmers ventures into profitable fish farming as means of income and jobs creation, poverty and Hunger eradication, check malnutrition and eradicate inequalities and youths restiveness.

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Your products and services 

At HETAVAD SKILLS, we have developed and deployed a number of innovations and products which include: 

1- HETAVAD Organic Floating Fish Feeds-Patented to help Small Holders Fish Farmers to venture into Aquaculture,

2- Hetavad Alkaline Water to cure acidic waters,

3- Hetavad E-skills Academy for Digital Enterprises for Youths Engagements,

4- Hetavad SoyMeal Plus 

Other services include:

5- The A B C & 1 2 3 ON SKILLS FOR THE SDGs Campaigns,

6- POVERTY And Extreme HUNGER: Causes and Cure project 

7-The DFD- Developing Future Drivers-SDGs Volunteering Club International and


Some more information could be accessed at http://www.amazon.com/author/amosobi

Your success factors 

Educationally, the promoter has wild exposure in training with over 12 years practical experiences with NGO and private sector project management.

Two, the ability to interact, negotiate and attract private and public partners into our projects is an added advantage to our programmes success. This is practically seen in the fact that some of our innovations and interventions have been selected and endorsed as leading innovations for the SDGs by the UN STI-Science, Technology and Innovations and the NGO Major Group forums. As such, HETAVAD is well listed on the Global Innovations Exchange platform. Still, our approach and orientation towards easy adaptation to the use of modern technology and social media in operations and promotion of programs, give us some edge over our competitors.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Our HETAVAD Organic Floating Fish Feeds, for instance, is a game changer compared to the existing foreign made and imported fish feeding stuff.

Here, through the use of locally available agricultural wastes blended with the necessary fish proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, we are able to formulate and manufacture organic floating fish feeding stuff far cheaper, affordable and available to local smallholders farmers to venture into profitable aquaculture as a means of livelihood.

As compared to the imported fish feeds, HETAVAD feeds are of value, affordable and available with high efficiency. While the others locally produced fish feeding stuff lacks the floating ability which reduces efficiency and attracts higher danger of water pollution and death of breeding fishes.

Thus, with this intervention, more people especially youths and women are now easily attracted to profitable fish farming to generate jobs and income as means of eradicating poverty, extreme hunger, and malnutrition.

Still, this innovation using agricultural wastes has the potential to mitigate climate effects and promote environmental health since the organic wastes usually burnt all years round are now being converted to green production for the benefit or both the environment and human life.

Your business model  

The production and distribution of the HETAVAD organic Floating Fish feeds have the potential of making money from the sales of fish feeds to fish farmers. Here, due to the efficacy, affordability, and availability of this products, many and even thousands of smallholders and commercial fish farmers patronizes it on daily, weekly, and monthly bases. Thus, our 15kg bags of the feeds could be sold in thousands of units and there is a continuous demand for the products by fish farmers. Hence, 15kg bag sold for 6 Dollars and 1000 product sold per week with a profit margin of 5UD, could amount to 5 UD X 1000, which is 5000 UD per week as profit after expenses.

A few words about your competitors

The competitors include

1- Importers of foreign-made imported fish feeds which are to cost and unaffordable by most smallholders farmers.

2- The local manufacturers of fish feeds, these also lacks the floating ability which makes for the efficiency of the feeds.

Thus, the HETAVAD organic floating fish feeds is the delight and choice of most fish farmers by our surveys and experiences so far.

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