HydroBarley : production and sale of green fodder at affordable prices for small farmers

We are 3 founders, brother and sister and one friend, we had been working in an association that promotes social entrepreneurship. Our story started with a need assessment trip that we did to find social issues that we can solve in a village near Rabat, Morocco (where my parents live since 2006).

During our visit we have noticed that some children are in pasture, speaking to them we knew that they are not allowed to go to school because their parents oblige them to spend time looking to feed their livestock. We talked with the parents to understand well the real cause of that. And here our Idea came because the parents told us that because of the high and fluctuant price of fodder they are obliged to send their children to pasture or sell some of their cattle to feed the rest.

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Your products and services 

Products: Green Fodder, Units of production of green fodder.

Service: Accompaniment for farmers to well use their resources and increase their incomes.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We offer green fodder with a fixed price all over the year and it can be more than 3 times cheaper compared to the existing dry expensive one.

We accompany farmers to well use our product to not to buy more than what they need.

Your business model 

We sell well-prepared receipt of natural green fodder to small farmers and we also offer coaching and monitoring for all farmers depending on their needs.

we also sell units of production and accompany big farmers to produce their own fodder.

A few words about your competitors

Industrial fodder producers, Dry fodder sellers

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