Write online and get your book with the application “La cité des Mots”

My name is Catherine Zoungrana, I am a mixed lady from Burkina Faso also french and I live in France. I am the initiator of the project and literary coach. I’ve been running writing workshops for years so that everyone could write their own books. My dream is to democratize writing and that in this virtual world, there is something concrete left so that no one forgets. 

So, with my team, we developed an application and a website. The tablet version is compatible androïd and can be downloaded from Play Store to write your book individually or as a family on the website www.lacitedesmots.fr

 A writing method traduced in english recognized by institutions makes it possible to transform a virtual creation into a digital or paper book. This is an online writing workshop with a publication at stake.

The model is economical is either an individual subscription over a period of 182 days to write a book or a license for multi-connections at the same time. Technological innovation is to write chapters via a multi-connection and publish either a marketable book with or without ISBN code.

This the first writing workshop with multi connexion possible, so we have no competitors for the moment in this category.

Our website: www.lacitedesmots.fr


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