Edusko Connects Parents With Suitable Private Schools in Africa

Our founder, Jide Ayegbusi is a passionate advocate of quality and affordable education in Africa.

In 2013, while working with a leading education marketing firm, Jide led a team that organised the largest school exhibition show in Nigeria (International Schools and Colleges Exhibition). This show brought parents and leading schools together in a large venue where parents either applied or made enquiries to the invited schools. Over 60% of parents who confirmed attendance never showed up because of their busy schedules and more than 50% of parents who came preferred online arrangement when we asked if they would rather love to check out the schools’ profiles and apply in an easy to use online platform. 

The decision of finding a suitable school is one of the most important decisions a parent would make in the life of her kid. In Nigeria and Ghana, for example, keen observation shows that most parents currently do this based on referrals and shallow recommendations. We therefore wanted to create a platform where parents were given the power to decide and select the schools they could build the future of their kids on with ease and at any time.

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Your products and services 

Edusko was founded to make our private schools more accessible and help parents make informed school choices for their kids. We have therefore built a reliable online platform where parents can compare schools, make informed decisions, get access to school fees discounts and enroll their wards at any time with ease.

Your success factors 

Knowledge of internet, acceptance by schools and parents, and funding.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Listed schools reach more parents with less than 10% of their marketing budget. We are in the process of helping schools collect application fees from parents no matter where they are and at any time with ease. Parents get as much as 40% school fees discount when they apply to schools via Edusko. We have commenced verification of schools to ensure peace of mind for busy parents who use our platform.

Your business model

Our major sources of revenue are annual listing fee, admission campaign subscription, application processing charges, preferred listing charges and adverts.

A few words about your competitors

Our major competitors are Schools Compass Nigeria, Pata Shule Kenya, Find my School Kenya and ISASA School Finder South Africa. There is no dominant player in the space and most of the players appear to be mere directories rather than offering an end to end admission solution.

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