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Kuenda Digital is an Angolan Digital Marketing Company, and the main reference in the local industry.

The foundation of Kuenda Digital was inspired by the global revolution which the marketing industry has been facing. Today, consumers buy products or services, for two main reasons: trust and reciprocity, and the online channels we have today quickly became the main point of contact between consumers and companies.

It is exactly in this arena that we come into play. Kuenda Digital offers a great variety of integrated digital marketing solutions, helping our clients to attract, deliver and build strong relationships with new customers.

Kuenda Digital works with the leading local start-ups and is responsible for the management of the online presence of some of the most prominent media outlets in the country.

We offer a full range of online marketing services, namely; Social Media Management, Content Creation, Event’s Coverage, Database Management, Direct Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Reputation Management, and others.

We believe that timing is everything. Kuenda Digital appears exactly in the middle of a boom where every company wants to be online and understands how important it is to play in this environment. The attention is online today and if your company doesn’t have people’s attention, your competitor does.

That is why our main focus is on content production. It is as our slogan goes “Marketing seduces, content sells,” to say that, no matter how well you are marketing your company out there, clients buy because of their own reasons, not yours, and too often their reasons rely on understanding what your company is made off (your content), and what they can benefit from that.

Since its foundation, competitive advantages have always been the main concern inside our company because, with the raising number of companies in the sector, digital marketing is becoming somehow a commodity. Therefore, in order to position ourselves the right way, Kuenda Digital offers to its clients extremely detailed performance reports, a world-class customer service, a huge range of payment options, flexibility, a strong collection of paid and free integrated marketing services, extremely simple processes enabling us to scale at a very fast speed, and we also highly value our strategic partnerships with key companies in the sector.

We are a B2B company, and most of our revenue comes from monthly subscriptions to our services, and we also have a growing income from online advertisement, since we run some of the most powerful databases and online media networks in the country.

The online market is at its peak right now, and as a result, we have a great number of competitors. We find this to be very interesting because they somehow help us not to remain in our comfort zone and work harder every day.

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