Gouti, the solution dedicated to the Project manager and his team

Who is the founder and how did Gouti come to him?

Christian Gutekunst has 20 years of experience in IT project management and 8 years in teaching on the subject. He found that many project managers were looking for tools to manage their daily tasks. This is how Gouti was born. Gouti allows the project manager to deal with the problems of the business and the associated collaborative needs.

An online video?


In a few words, what is Gouti?

Gouti is a SaaS solution dedicated to the project manager and his team. It’s a cloud tool that is ready to use, pragmatic and adaptable to the needs of users.

Gouti makes you benefit from the essential in the management of your project and accompanies the project manager from the initialization to the closing of his projects.

It allows you to collaborate on your projects with your team through a system of assignment and transmission of simple and functional information.

What services does Gouti offer?

Gouti will allow you to create your projects, assign tasks to your employees, manage your deliverables, your activity and your milestones. There you will find calendar views and also a GANTT or a macro-planning. As well you can track the workload of your projects thanks to timesheets. You will also be able to make reports in PDF like flash report, formatted in one click. This list is not exhaustive of all the present and future features of Gouti. You will find a more detailed list on the page of pricing of our site.

Who is Gouti for?

Gouti is aimed at both the independent project manager in its standard or premium version, as well as SMEs or large companies, with the customizable version that adapts to specific needs. But Gouti can also be used by students as part of a school program affiliated with project management.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing?

Gouti is specially designed for the needs, expectations and problems of the Project Manager. It’s not a simple collaborative tool. It goes much further in the needs of the project manager, as in proposing pre-filled progress reports.

We also take into account the opinion of users in its development to be closer to the daily needs of the project manager.

Your business model (How do you make money?)

We offer three offers:

  • A completely free Basic version for a project
  • Premium subscription, for an unlimited number of projects
  • A customized Enterprise offer designed for specific needs

Your competitors

They are numerous with each their specificity. Finally, we could quote 100 or zero if we look at the specifics of our solution.

Your website

Come and discover Gouti and try it for free on our website: https://www.gouti.net


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