Eco-heat: a slow cooker bag, that helps reduce the gaz and wood consumption

Me and my co-founder first thought about the project while working in an association called Enactus EHTP for social entrepreneurship, we were working on a rural region where women were still using wood for cooking and there for exposed to toxic fumes, and so we decided to work on their issue and hence came up with Eco-heat

Your products and services 

Eco-heat is a slow cooker bag, that helps reduce the gaz and wood consumption, the concept is quite simple, you only need to put your meal on fire for 15-20mins, take it of the heat then put it inside the bag and leave it to finish cooking with no external energy, the bag can also keep the temperature of the meal stable for a long time.

Your success factors 

The bag is certified to be compeletly safe, and it’s ecological and also very economic for people who wish to save up a sum of money they once used to invest in gaz or wood.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

There is no existing product that has the same caracteristics in the moroccan market, and worldwide our product is a lot more affordable and convenient 

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Our main activity is producing the bag, we chose for a starter pack a BM: “make to order” and we target 4 segments of clients: students and employees who wish to take their home made food to work and cut off the fast food,  delivery restaurent, and finally families in rural areas who are still using wood for cooking.

A few words about your competitors

There are no competitors on the national market

Your website

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