360 NEEDS: we offer low cost monetized solutions to any and every problem.


We are a group of energetic and ambitious people whom have developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that we undertake, or situation that we are presented with. We operate with a clear, logical mind and practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. We have started, ran and scaled disruptive startups in several industries. This idea was birthed as existing services in diverse industries have stalled for so long, not been reinvented or made affordable with increasing difficulties. We decided to create a parent company that would solve day to day challenges by offering long lasting solutions to one problem at a time thereby saving time, reducing individual cost, stress, creating a better living and providing job opportunities.

 Your products and services:  

ASAPFoods, a campus based food delivery service was created to solve the challenge students and staffs face getting food everyday. We deliver takeout orders to our clients. Picked up, delivered efficiently and quickly by our food-runners. We’ve come together to create a fast, affordable, eco-friendly food delivery service. At ASAP FOODS, we will go anywhere you want, in any kind of weather, pick up any food you need and deliver it to your home, office or any other location—and fast from any of your favorite restaurant.

ASAPDrop, a peer to peer parcel courier service by simply connecting drivers, travelers or commuters with Individuals, SMEs or large corporation that require delivery services thereby saving on exorbitant courier charges and increasing job opportunities. Our goal is to create a win-win scenario for users and couriers – customers get their items delivered more efficiently using excess cargo capacity already on the road, and drivers get extra cash and other benefits in return for helping someone out. The overriding theme of this idea is that people should get their items shipped where they need to be by getting in touch with vehicles already on the road.

 Your success factors

In general, services offered are efficient, affordable, innovative, reliable and flexible. Solutions to challenges would always save time which is invaluable. Futuristic services which hope to delve into other sectors i.e touching every aspect of daily living.

 Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

As regards the already launched subsidiary (ASAPFOODS) they are; -Flexibility (clients can place orders from whatever restaurant they desire) -Affordability -Timeliness (delivery time within 30 minutes) -Convenience -Realtime Communication (Clients don’t have to sign up, click several buttons over an app/webpage. A phone call, text or whats app message does all the trick)

 Your business model (how do you make money?);

Sales of services, for instance in the already launched subsidiary (ASAPFOODS) we charge a service fee for every food order placed and delivered to the client. We also get a percent off daily orders we delivered per restaurant.

 A few words about your competitors;

They are doing a good job in their respective industries but we are sure and capable to do the BEST job.

 To learn more about you (website, twitter, video presentation…)


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  1. Beautiful innovation, I love asapdrop solution the most…must be generating a lot of side income for travelers.