eTrash2Cash, an online waste management service that supports girl child education


 Salisu, Kaltumi and Chiroma, all with a background in the Sciences were serving corp members in Nigeria’s rural area in Jigawa State. They were heavily worried on increasing number of young girls dropping out of school due to poverty. They carried out community development projects to test the idea of wastes to wealth conversion and see if they can exchange wastes collected from households for some income to support their girls go back to school, this was very successful. Therefore, after the service year, they decided to start a social enterprise in Nigeria’s second largest city, Kano, to exchange households wastes for cash, to support the education of more than 500, 000 girls in northern Nigeria.

Your products and services :

 eTrash2Cash is an e-Waste Management service platform. It manages online the collection of all kinds of wastes from 10, 000 low-income households in Kano, Nigeria and awards them incentives, which they use to support girl child education. eTrash2Cash processes these wastes and makes reusable materials from them, like tissue papers from paper wastes and lumbers from plastic wastes.

Your success factors

Passion and commitment to what we love doing best, integrity and honest with our aim and work, team work and cooperation, vision in the right direction, innovative planning, planning and continuous planning!

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

 Wastes collection and incentives payment is managed online, incentives paid to households are used to support girl child education, we extract full value out of wastes collected (tissue papers from paper wastes, desks, benches and tables from plastic wastes

Your business model

 eTrash2Cash pays small incentives to households in exchange for their wastes. eTrash2Cash processes these wastes and makes reusable materials from them, for instance, tissue papers from paper wastes and benches, desks and tables from plastic wastes. eTrash2Cash sells these reusable materials to earn income.

A few words about your competitors

 They cannot do it alone!

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Twitter : @e_trash2cash


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