Dillish Instant Foods : making the preparation of beans meals easier and faster

Kidochukwu Chukwunweike is a logistics and supply expert with experience in agricultural ventures. Kelechi Odoemena is an agricultural economist by profession with postgraduate qualifications and experience in agricultural value chains.

Our decision started from a market research, where we discovered that over 90% of cowpea produced in Nigeria is consumed in its unprocessed form. This makes the preparation of cowpea meals very discouraging for consumers. We also discovered that the storage of cowpeas is done using an unhealthy amount of chemicals which are applied post-harvest and are very harmful to the human health. This situation led to the ban of some Nigerian grains (including cowpeas) into the European market between 2015 and 2016

Your products and services 

Currently, we produce the following:

– Peeled beans

– Cleaned beans (weevil-free)

– Beans Flour

– Bean snacks

Your success factors 

The following highlighted factors are critical to our success

  • Raw material sourcing
  • Distribution
  • Effective Plant Installation
  • Technical (processing) competence
  • Brand creation

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Although beans are very common in Nigeria, the fact that processing it changes its size, form and colour affects consumer acceptance. To get good sales you must have effective ways to make consumers better understand your product and how to use it (social media can play a key role in doing this).

Due to the popularity of unprocessed beans, a good distribution strategy is a critical success factor as it ensures that your product will be found easily and thus can become competitive.

Our derivatives are easy to cook and they reduce the cooking time of bean meals by over 60% from over 2 hours to 40 minutes or less. We store and process our products using innovative food friendly process. We currently use technology like QR code which links to videos that show you how to cook various meals using our product.

Your business model 

Sales of our products (which include cleaned beans, peeled beans and beans flour).

Purchase of grains when it is cheap and reselling it when it is expensive.

We operate a B2B style as we sell to grocery stores, hotels and restaurants.

We also operate a B2C style as we sell directly to customers through our social media and other marketing drives

A few words about your competitors

Our major competitors are local grain sellers who sell unprocessed grains in the markets. We have a few companies trying to sell processed and packaged grains with no specific concentration on cowpea.

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