Grain Capitals : a digital platform that gives you the opportunity to invest in grain storage

There are 3 co-founders of this idea namely Kido, Abubakar and Kelechi. Kido is agri-business enthusiast with a professional background in supply and logistics. Abubaka is an IT expert with various certifications and experience in managing digital platforms. Kelechi is an agricultural economist by profession with experience in the agricultural value chain and market prices.

The idea developed from trying to solve the challenges of another startup (Dillish Instant Foods) by the founders. We realize that one of the main problems facing the storage and processing sector in Nigeria is the capital intensive nature of the operations.

We came up with the idea of enabling investors and agriculture enthusiasts to sponsor storage and processing operations to stop food wastage and get returns on their investment. Such sponsors can choose a sponsorship plan on our website and monitor the investment on their dashboards.

Your products and services 

  • Digital platform for grain investment
  • Grain market data and analysis

Your success factors 

  • Team of technical and professional expertise
  • Strategic partnership
  • IP and Digital rights

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We are the 1st digital platform in Nigeria specifically designed to reduce grain loss and encourage higher output by promoting sponsors to engage in grain storage and processing.

We promote investments in grain value chain by using a simple and secure digital platform accessible on all smart devices.

We allow sponsors the option to select from various options to invest for a stipulated duration

Revenue Model

Our revenue is based on a predictable annual fluctuation of grain prices.

Our revenue is also based on the size of investment that we are able to attract as this will enable us to increase operational capacity and include other grains to our initial portfolio.

We will make money from sales of stored and processed products, sales of grain-specific information from our digital platform. Our profit is shared between us and our sponsors.


Our competitors include:

  • Grains storage and processing companies
  • Commodity trading platforms
  • Online agricultural platforms


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