Cure : hand and leg prostheses manufactured by 3D printing technology


 My little cousin was born without her 2 upper organs, she’s suffering a lot and she can’t act like her friends.

So by participating in an entrepreneurial challenges with my friends, we decided to create a startup working on paramedical solutions and more particularly on 3D printed Hand prostheses for amputees.

Your products and services :

We offer 2 versions of hand prostheses :

1) Mechanical one working with articulations contractions in order to generate one simple fingers movements.

2) Myo electric one working with muscles contractions in order to generate multiple fingers movements.

Your success factors

 We are well qualified in term of engineering skills and managerial skills by having a multidisciplinary team composed of 4 engineers,a finance repsonsible and a marketing manager.
Added to that,there’s no any local producer of these hand prostheses in the MENA region and all the existing products are imported from Europe or USA.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Our hand prostheses :

-Affordable comparing to international market
-Made with the 3D printing technology using an ecological raw material extracted from corn
-Cutomizable so amputees (people who are missing a lower or an upper part of their bodies) and especially children can choose their favorite colors and the design,which can take the look of the favorite heroes, which will help them to overcome difficulties and complexes
-Recyclable so in case of change or defect we can use the old prosthesis to realize a new one with a discount
-Both of our versions don’t need any surgical intervention

Your business model

 We generate money by selling our 2 versions of prostheses.

A few words about your competitors

 In the local market there are no competitors and even our indirect competitors who are importing those products from foreign countries expressed their acceptability to work with us instead of importing hand prostheses with very high prices.
For the international competitors,they have very developed products but which are not always available and which are not customizable and non affordable.

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