Click n’ Cart: Disrupting the way people shop!


The idea came out of my own frustrations with the grocery shopping when I go to the stores, the traffic along on the way, the hassles of finding parking and looking for products when you are in the store then waiting on line to check out, lugging home with larger groceries only to realize that you have forgotten something at the store. With the increase of the usage of internet via smartphones and computers on top of that the busy work schedules and people having no time to go to stores to shop for their household necessities I saw an opportunity to solve this problem by letting people shop for groceries online from their favourite local stores and have them delivered. An opportunity that will result into the creation of employment for professionals, skilled and unskilled labor. For the execution of the idea i found George Moshi through a mutual friend, an experienced programmer fluent in PHP, HTML,CSS, Java, JavaScript, Android applications and many more as CTO to become the Co-founder.

Your products and services :

Click n’ Cart is an online marketplace that connects shoppers with popular retailers, you get fast delivery of wide range of essentials. (we are starting with groceries then expanding to electronics, home services, clothes and many more) available on-demand where you can order through phone, tablet or computer from your favorite local store and have them delivered to your doorstep within an hour.

Your success factors

• It is Tanzania’s first and fastest multi-store (goods) grocery delivery service

• Convenience- accessible via computer, tablet or phone anywhere

 No more – Traffic, Parking, Waiting in long queues and Lugging groceries home

• Shop from your favorite local store – freedom to select where to shop

• On-Demand delivery to your doorstep offering same day delivery, 1, 2 hour delivery and next day

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Not keeping stock (as this is more costful) and partnering with the stores and have people shop from their favourite local stores is a major differentiating factor as people trust products from well known and reputable stores rather than not saying where you source your products and there is a sense of loyalty to these stores by people and that is where we are capitalizing on. Listing these stores on our platform will help increase traffic and attract sponsorship and advertisements something my competitors are not doing.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

• Delivery fee charged from users
• Commission charged from retail stores
• Advertisements from partner stores
• Advertisements from manufacturers & companies.

A few words about your competitors

My competitors include fastandfresh which are no longer active, grocery vendors via social media and booicart tanzania a new startup listing groceries online but none of them is using the same model as Click n’ Cart, listing all reputable stores on the platform and give people the freedom to shop from their favourite stores.

To learn more about you (website, twitter, video presentation …)

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