“Cages Victoria Enterprises” sells fresh Nile tilapia

Cages Victoria Enterprises is a Kenyan registered company whose principal shareholders are five young men. The company intends to expand cage fish farming at Ralayo Beach in Siaya County-Kenya. The cage fish farming project is intended to create wealth among families and communities in the area as well as create employment.

Your products and services 

 We sale 200, 400 and 500 gram ungutted fresh Nile tilapia to fishermen, fish mongers, hotels and fish processing factories.

Your success factors 

 Our maiden harvest was in October 2014 with a surprising average weight of 500grams per fish. All fish were sold the same day to locals

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

 We manufacture our cages and feeds. We also implemented breeding system for tilapia. This has resulted to 70% reduction in CAPEX and OPEX.

Your business model

Nile Tilapia is cultured in floating 6*6*3 (LxWxH) meter floating cages in Lake Victoria. Stocking density is 250 fish per cubic meter. Estimated annual production at peak is 10 metric tonne per cage. One tonne of fish is sold at KES 500,000. Estimated annual production by end of this year is 120,000MT

A few words about your competitors

 Current national demand of fish in Kenya is high especially around the lake region while the supply is increasingly becoming constrained due to dwindling fish stocks in their natural environments across the country as a result of overfishing and environmental pollution. This has created a huge gap hence the need to engage in a new environmentally safe and sustainable source of fishing activity; making cage fishing an attractive opportunity.


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