BizzPeek : a tool that enables users to auto-generate PowerPoint presentations from any data store

In today’s businesses, data is becoming more and more valuable. Almost every company rely on it to produce analysis and reports that are used to take important decisions.

Studies show that updating such recurring reports can take managers about 4 hours per week and most of the tools available today offer great analysis possibility, but rarely a flexible and fully automated reporting solution.

Following this observation, we had the idea to allow users to connect multiple datasets, mix them and produce high-quality presentations according to a calendar set by the managers.

That solution would create “Business Peeks”, and from that comes BizzPeek!


Here’s the presentation video


Your products and services?

BizzPeek is a Software-as-a-Service tool that enables users to auto-generate PowerPoint presentations from any data store, be it private or public. For instance, a user could link the company’s CRM suite, Facebook or Twitter analytics, or upload an existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and mix everything using an intuitive graphical representation of the datasets to produce a well-organized and actionable report.

Got a performance meeting Monday at 8 am?
Receive the report at 7 am through e-mail as a standard PowerPoint file you are used to working with.


Tell us more about your success factors

  • Save 4 hours by automatically producing reports

Producing and validating reports can be very time-consuming. Once a user has set up their dataset and configured their reporting schedule, the reports are emailed to them on time. They then have 4 more hours in their week.

  • Accurate, precise and up-to-date data

Any manual action can be error prone but since BizzPeek is fully automated, the data displayed in the produced reports are certain to be up-to-date and accurate. No more copy/paste mistakes or estimations. Decisions are now based on perfectly valid data.

  • Have a centralised and structured communication

When using presentations to share information, it is hard to have everyone follow the same guidelines and templates. BizzPeek allows for a unified communication of insights through reports sharing.

  • Have reports sent to the right person

It may be hard to keep up to date on who’s to inform of the latest numbers and trends. Or maybe the number of recipients is just too big to handle it by hand, like when diffusing information to all customers. BizzPeek handles the sharing of information with a straightforward and easy setup.


Have you some differentiating and disruptive factors compared to the existing 

BizzPeek is an innovative service because it is the first application to combine PowerPoint presentation, data manipulation on a large panel of data sources (Excel, ERP, CRM, database …) and automated rendering in a single ergonomic software.

In an ecosystem where 98% of companies use visual presentations to make recurring reports on malleable data, BizzPeek is a significant asset.
So, improve the collaboration and efficiency of your employees while minimizing the stress generated by deadlines.


Your business model 

We decided to adopt a Freemium Model. We allow users to test our software with a free trial version, then we offer a subscription per month, depending on the volume of use.


A few words about your competitors 

Tableau Software, UpSlide or Bime Analytics are all possible competitors, but none of them provides a complete suite of tools for managing different data sources, creating real data-driven PowerPoint presentations and, all that, without requiring any user interaction.




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