AgroSpaces, a platform to ameliorate local agriculture and empower smallholder farmers

In Africa, agriculture is predominantly an occupation for the aged. Young people shy away from going into farming because of a perceived mindset. AgroSpaces is changing this mindset by making agriculture attractive to the younger generation with the use of technology and innovations thus empowering youth employment in the agricultural sector.

“$30 billion” is the amount Smallholder farmers in Africa lose annually. Middlemen buy farm produce from farmers at cheaper prices and resell them in urban market thus having greater profits. By eliminating the middleman, AgroSpaces connects smallholder farmers to their customers directly online to trade fairly and equitably.

AgroSpaces delivers unrivalled products and services that ensures sustainable food security and accelerate growth in agriculture. AgroSpaces delivers real-time commodity prices from major markets in the country, weather forecast and farming advices to farmers directly on their mobile phone via SMS.


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Your products and services 

  • AgroAlerts; AgroAlerts are alerts send to farmers (SMS or Invoice alerts). This alerts include commodity prices from local markets, weather forecast reports and farming advice.
  • AgroMarket; AgroMarket help smallholder farmers sell their farm produce to a wider online market and also buy farming.
  • AgroData; AgroData is a data aggregation system where we produce agricultural data for organizations.
  • AgroTalks; AgroTalks are workshop organized by AgroSpaces monthly through which we put in contact smallholder farmers and agricultural experts.


Your success factors 

Our growth strategy


Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • AgroAlerts services are available online and offline (web, mobile and USSD) to farmers, these farmers can also receive AgroSpaces alerts by SMS or invoice in different local languages.
  • AgroData is open source agricultural data made available to third parties to enhance agricultural development
  • AgroSpaces opens 3% of its revenues to finance smallholder farmers.


Your business model (how do you make money?)

We take a 10% commission on each transaction done over AgroMarket


A few words about your competitors

AgroSpaces will be a part of the agribusiness industry in Cameron. Currently, the agribusiness industry is considered a niche market, comprised of different sized companies. The popular ones such as Agro-hub, Mewanko farm, Jangolo farm focus is on inbound marketing for agriculture in Cameroon to provide valuable relevant content for people willing to buy agricultural products from smallholder and others such as CamAgro, Efarm which help farmers increase their productivity and give them that opportunity to reach their traditional customers easier and also get new customers.


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