catalysts fail

Why do catalysts fail and how to prevent it?

Neutralizer is a special filter that reduces the concentration of harmful substances in the exhaust gases. It is placed in the exhaust path of the machine to neutralize (depending on the “stuffing” of the unit) harmful emissions. It not only captures and neutralizes harmful compounds, but also directly affects the operation of the engine. Signals from the sensors located at the inlet and outlet to the device are constantly programmatically read and help to optimize the working mixture in the best possible way.

If your part does fail, do not rush to throw it away. On the site Autocatalyst you can find current ford scrap catalytic converter prices and pictures, as well as favorably sell your old one to buyers who extract precious metals from it.

Causes of failure

Why does the device stop functioning?

  • Low-quality fuel. The use of low-quality fuel with a high sulfur content can lead to poisoning of the part, which significantly reduces its service life.
  • Engine malfunctions. Problems with the ignition system, incorrect adjustment of the composition of the fuel and air mixture can lead to the ingress of unburned fuel into the spare part, which leads to its clogging and damage.
  • Overheating. If the converter overheats due to malfunctions in the cooling system or the engine idling for long periods of time, it can damage its internal structure.
  • Mechanical damage. Shocks or vibrations from driving on bad roads can cause cracking or collapse.

If no repair measures are taken, the situation worsens, the car drives well in the cold, but after warming up it also begins to dull. In very neglected cases, the car will simply stall and will not start again. In parallel with these symptoms, fuel consumption rises, idle speed begins to float, in some cases you have to turn the starter longer to start the engine.

How to prevent premature fail

Keeping it in top condition provides many benefits, from efficient engine performance to preserving the environment. To do this:

  • Use quality fuel. Always fill up at trusted gas stations that use low-sulfur fuel.
  • Have your vehicle serviced regularly. Keep the ignition system, fuel/air mixture adjustment, and engine cooling system in good working order.
  • Avoid idling for long periods of time. If you have to idle in traffic for more than 5 minutes, it is best to turn off the engine.
  • Pay close attention to diagnostic error codes. If the fault indicator light illuminates, contact a service center immediately.

Use caution when driving on bad roads. Avoid potholes and curbs that could damage this component.

If you still intend to sell your old part, Autocatalyst service will be an excellent intermediary between you and buyers who buy up old parts. Usually they have special equipment with which you can easily extract precious metals from it. At the service, you can look at the approximate prices in the catalog on the website to understand how much money you can get for your model. This will ensure that you don’t throw away your old converter, but get some money for it.

By following the tips listed above, you’ll be able to extend the life of the part and avoid a costly replacement. And if the part does fail, you will be able to sell it profitably on Autocatalyst service.


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