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Top 5 Benefits of Installing Hurricane-Resistant Windows in Your Home

Hurricane windows are a great investment that offers peace of mind, storm protection, tax incentives, break-in protection, potentially lower insurance, and even reduced outside noise.

During a hurricane, it is not uncommon for things to fall and become missiles inside your home. These impact windows will prevent this and save your home from serious damage.

They Can Save You Money

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you know that hurricanes can cause extensive damage to homes. This damage often leads to high insurance rates for the affected homeowners.

Instead of slapping plywood panels to your home right before a hurricane, invest in impact windows that protect you from wind and debris. These are a great option for new construction or existing homes, and you can likely recover the cost in your reduced homeowners’ insurance premiums.

Originally designed to save structures from destruction, these windows are made with two glass panes reinforced with a strong polymer layer. This helps to prevent the window from shattering into large, sharp pieces that could be dangerous for anyone inside your home during a hurricane.

They Can Protect Your Family

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you know how devastating they can be. They can cause major property damage and result in high insurance premiums for homeowners. Installing impact windows can help you avoid paying those expensive premiums by preventing significant damage to your home during a storm.

This window type uses two layers of tempered glass with a polymer chemical in between. This glass shatters into small, spiderweb-like pieces instead of large sharp shards. This significantly reduces the risk of injury from flying debris and keeps your family safe.

Another benefit of these windows is that they reduce outside noise. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area with traffic, construction, or barking dogs.

They Can Protect Your Property

Hurricane resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand high winds, flying debris, and violent storms. They offer year-round protection and can help reduce your homeowner’s insurance rates.

They can also protect your home and belongings from break-ins. This is because they have a reinforced interlayer that makes forced entries difficult, even after the window is shattered.

They are a great alternative to shutters and plywood, which require homeowners to prepare their homes at the last minute before a storm hits. Unlike these other products, hurricane windows allow owners to embrace readiness and can protect their houses from storms and debris 24 hours a day. They also help reduce outside noise, making it easier for homeowners to sleep at night. Additionally, they can make their properties more attractive to potential buyers.

They Can Reduce Noise

In addition, to withstand strong winds and debris, impact-resistant windows can also reduce noise. The double-paned glass can help block out outside noise, such as traffic, neighbors, and construction. This can make it much more peaceful and relaxing inside your home.

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, installing impact-resistant windows can be a smart investment. They can protect your home from damage and increase its value. Plus, many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners insurance premiums for houses with these windows installed.

Unlike old windows that can shatter into sharp shards during a hurricane, impact-resistant windows are made of tempered glass and break safer. This can prevent glass shards from flying and causing injury to people or pets.

They Can Protect Your Home

Protecting your home with the right precautions is vital to ensure you and your family stay safe during a storm if you live in a hurricane-prone region. Some homeowners hammer plywood over their windows before a storm hits, but this is an expensive and laborious process that requires repeating each year. Instead, impact windows offer a more attractive and permanent solution that can help to keep your home safe from hurricane-force winds.

These windows will prevent water damage from causing structural damage to your house, and they can also protect against air pressure spikes that can blow roofs off of homes. They can also save you money on energy bills and may qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

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