B2B Lead Generation on Social Media

Social Media Content: How Can My Social Media Generate B2B Leads?

Generating B2B sales through social media is a challenging task even for elite marketers.  You have to struggle to find a single buyer within a crowd of smart potential leads and a hoard of competitors.  Also, you’re overwhelmed by many case studies from so-called experts.

Regardless, social media is a gold mine for B2B brands because it helps them generate leads.  You can use various types of social media content to bolster your efforts to generate more leads.

The article will tell you how to use 4 content types to generate B2B leads on your social media.

How can Social Media Marketing Improve Lead Generation?

Lead generation through social media marketing can be beneficial.  The following ways can bolster your strategies.

Gather Intelligence: Lead generation is the first step in the B2B businesses marketing funnel on social media.  You should listen and interact with your target audience in order to understand their pain points.  These interactions enable you to gather data which is a great asset when targeting highly qualified leads.  The main objective of this B2B lead generation strategy is to build and nurture a high-intent prospects pipeline as well as convert them into your customers.

Build Trust: Compared to websites and other forms of marketing, social media marketing is more authentic, personal, and immediate.  The fundamental part of lead generation is nurturing prospective customers until they become loyal customers.  You can achieve that by first building trust through communication on social media.

Target Your Audience Accurately: Social media enables you to advertise or market to your target audience.  You can do that by generating content for each stage of the buyer journey.  For instance, a client might be drawn to your website organically and retargeted on social media through paid ads.  As a result, C-level executives are today incorporating social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter in their decision-making process.  These platforms are some of the best-performing social networks for lead generation.

Social Media Content for B2B Lead Generation

Some marketers wonder how various content formats can help them in their lead generation.  They’re interested in learning how to link content marketing with their social media strategy.  The following are some of the best-performing content you can include in your social media marketing strategy to generate leads.

Create Social Media Referral Contest

Contests can help promote your brand, products, and services as well as amplify brand awareness on social media.  One of them is referral contests.

Most consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family members.  Actually, B2B referrals account for a 70% conversion rate, thus helping businesses generate sales effectively.

You can run B2B referral contests on platforms such as Twitter motivates your followers to recommend your products or services to their network of friends, peers, and family.  One example of a successful B2B referral contest is the Adobe Photoshop contest which ran on Twitter.  Lady Gaga asked her audience to create a design using their Adobe apps and share it via #LadyGagaxAdobe.  The hashtag read, “show us Chromatica through your eyes, and you could win $10,000.”

You can run your contest on social media and offer attractive offers such as limited access to premium gated content.  This will drive traffic to your social media network or website.  However, you must be careful to avoid losing money through discounts and freebies.  Demonstrate creativity by promoting the contest using a sticky banner at the top of the website, exit pop-ups, placing the ads within the blog, or, better still, on your social media networks.

You can create a hashtag and encourage participants to use it to join the contest.  The hashtag should have the last date and the prize for the winners.

Create Highly-targeted Social Media Ads

Marketers add targeted social media ads and organic social media to their lead generation strategy.  The targeting capabilities of these social ads help brands generate leads which translate to more sales.

B2B brands can place paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, enabling them to reach their potential customers. It’s not easy to select a channel where to run paid ads because each platform targets different users and has varying targeting features. There might be a lot of opportunities available to buy LinkedIn post shares on UseViral and other sources. However, it is vital to figure out the audience and your platform in the first place.

Facebook Ads: The platform targets audience with ads based on their interest.  For instance, you will get junk food ads if you search for fast food joints nearby.

Twitter Ads: The ads are based on people you follow and your interests.

LinkedIn: The ads are based on your job title and industry experience.

There are two factors that can make your paid social media ads succeed or fail.  They include:

Land page: Your landing page should be strong or optimized in order to drive the visitor to perform your desired action.

Call to Action: You should have a powerful call to action, such as signing up for a free trial and downloading an e-book.

Further, your ads’ content has a direct impact on the response and conversions.  Each platform needs different creative approaches, visuals, and sizes.  Users also post various offers on these channels, such as joining a webinar, free signing up for a newsletter, or watching a video.

These social media channels provide tools to help you generate leads.  Your B2B company can use them to manage your accounts and create ads from a single dashboard.

Use Facebook Messenger to Offer Customer Support

Some companies are afraid of using Facebook Messenger for fear of being intrusive.  On the other hand, some prospects prefer to get company information directly from their Facebook page.

Customers are slowly getting more comfortable communicating with a chatbot than humans because these AI-powered tools can answer close to 80% of standard questions.  Businesses can then increase the use of chatbots on social media in their lead generation exercises.

Generally, brands use chatbots for customer service, product marketing, and sales.  You can deploy a Facebook Messenger bot to respond to multiple conversational messages selected based on users’ choices and intentions.

For instance, the AppSumo Messenger chatbot asks users who visit the platform looking for deals whether they seek a weekly or a monthly deal.  After stating your preference, the chatbot will ask you to provide your email address where the details will be sent.  Therefore, brands can use Facebook Messenger chatbots to generate B2B leads on Facebook.

Use B2B Live Videos

Videos are more popular than other forms of content.  Nearly 80% of consumers watch videos embedded in a blog post.  Because of that, 73% of B2B marketers use video because they have a high impact on their ROI.

Businesses use Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to make company announcements, answers user questions or explain product or service feature quickly and without paying a penny.

You can also create videos that direct your target viewers to specific services, webinar landing pages, and a free trial sign-up form that turns them into leads.  Instagram live videos is another avenue that you can explore.  You can link these videos to a specific webpage or leave a link in the comment section based on the platform you are using.

To those who watch your videos to the end, you can leave valuable information about your products or services or a limited–period code.  This way, those who watch the videos will share them with others and leave their contact information with you.

You should share a live video designed for any social media platform multiple times from your page in order to increase viewership and encourage its viewers to share it.  You can share the date and time for a live video on your posts or banners.  It would be helpful to share the title or what you will be covering on your live video.  Lastly, direct your viewers to your landing page, where they can get the additional information and leave their contact information.


There are many B2B lead generation methods that you can experiment with.  This post has highlighted 4 strategies and discussed how you can use different content formats to boost your efforts to generate more leads.

Posting videos and ads on your social media platforms is an important step.  However, you should study analytics insights to see what is working and not working.  Google Analytics is one of the best tools to track social leads on the website.

You should double your efforts on the platform and social media content format that fetches more leads.  Which of these content formats has helped you generate more leads for your B2B brand?

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