SihhaTech, an e-health innovative platform

Abdessabour (27 years old): CEO & General Manager, Graduated in 2012 from the University of Boumerdes, Algeria, Engineer degree (Embedded Systems & Electronics), Master degree (Automation & Industrial Control), 5 years experience in national & multi-national companies, Last job : Maintenance Manager at Mono Electric Company.

I have Created a scientific & Technological club at the university “AEPI New Vision” Club in Boumerdes University (Faculty of hydrocarbons & Chemistry). It was a hard creation from zero…the main object of the club is to transform the theoretical knowledge to a practical projects in technological fields  (Harware & Software solutions), it was in 2011-2012 in the year of our graduation, it was the first club  in the university where the student can apply the theoretical information into a real product or system, we have taken the first price (Best scientific club at the university in 2013), and we have created several projects inside our laboratory (3D printer, Industrial Temperature regulator, Access management…etc).

Abdelwahid BENZEGANE (24 years old): Commercial Manager, Graduated in 2015 from the University of Houari Boumediene (Bab Ezzouar, Algeria), Master degree (Data processing & Statistics), 1 Year experience in AFIND Company as Commercial Manager & Designer.

Yanal BENZEGANE (27 years old): Marketing Manager, Graduated in 2013 from the High school of polytechnic, Algeria, Engineer & Master degree in Environment. 3 Years experiences as Engineer in Sonatrach Company.

Mohamed HAMADENE (31 years old): Technical Advisor, Graduated in 2012 from the University of Boumerdes, Algeria, Engineer degree (Embedded Systems & Electronics), 5 years experiences in Multi-national Company.

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Your products and services 

Algerian Foundation for Innovation and Development (AFIND) is a Health-Tech innovative company; we create innovative solutions and develop existing ones for the health sector using technology.

Our first solution “SihhaTech web platform & App.”, is an e-health innovative platform, it’s a digital network between the three main parts in health sector: Patients, Healthcare establishments and pharmacies:

* Patients – Healthcare Establishments: Managing appointments online via our web platform:

* Healthcare Establishments – Pharmacies: Geolocation of the closest pharmacies containing the entire medicines in the prescription and there work schedule.

* Pharmacies – Patients: Allows Online purchase of medicines by ensuring delivery

Actually we are focusing on the first network (Patients – Health Establishments) on Managing Appointments online, and so the value delivered to our customers is to :

– Book an appointment online 7Days / 7 and 24H / 24 in the preferred date and time (Fill the agenda of Health establishments even outside the opening hours).

– Save time and improve the management of appointments.

– Digitalize the health sector and reduce using papers to protect the environment 

– Increase visibility and increase customer base for Health establishments.

– Use the Application in all kind of supports (Laptop, Tablet, Phone…etc).

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The added value and benefits of our solution can be summarized as follows:

– Interconnecting patients with health establishments and pharmacies in a web & mobile Application and creates a digital health network in ALGERIA.

– The cheapest price on the market for Health Establishments and free for patients.

– We offer more functionalities compared to competitors.

– A complementary team.

– Personalization of the number of appointments / Time, (Reduces the risk of non-activity of the doctor in the absence of the patient).

– No extra tasks for clients (Possibility of managing the doctor account by our customer manager).

– The support team is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

– Serious and professionalism.

Your business model  

  • Subscription: Customers (Doctors, Pharmacies) are subscribing monthly in our web application, for distribution, we installed representatives to propose our service in different healthcare establishments and pharmacies existing in the national territory.
  • Sale over Sponsors: Pharmaceutical companies that work with different healthcare establishment.
  •  Promotion in our web & mobile platform.

A few words about your competitors

We have 05 Competitors from Algeria and 01 from Morocco.

Our differentiation and innovation are in interconnecting patients with health establishments and pharmacies and creates a digital health network in ALGERIA.

Your website

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