NubiaNetwork: Digital Business Development for African Entrepreneurs targeting African markets

I worked for a Swiss chemical company for over 5 years. My role was technical business development manager for sub-Saharan Africa. This meant traveling to countries such as Ghana. Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mauritius and across South Africa for rolling out projects and growing sales in those regions. Often in my work travels across Africa, I would attend conferences where the topic was “Africa is Open For Business“… which it is. However, I felt that the multinationals from the west, east and Europe were the ones capitalising on the growth of the African continent.

I came across many African run businesses during my previous job and was always very struck by how enterprising we are as Africans, even in the midst of extreme challenges. This made me think that we as Africans should be on the forefront of growth on the continent. I quit my job mid 2016 and started my own agency called NubiaNetwork which is for the business development of African entrepreneurs targeting African markets. 

Link to online video 

NubiaNetwork: Our Story

Your products and services 

  • Business development (strategy, sales and marketing) for African markets
  • SEO, Content development, website design, social media marketing
  • Access to markets 
  • Business plan write up and access to funders

Your success factors 

  • Knowledge of the local markets in Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mauritius and South Africa
  • Networking 
  • Building up a team with shared vision and diverse personalities/backgrounds
  • Consistency
  • Good communication with all levels: clients, employees, partners and funders

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

African content and understanding the market.

Research on how African consumers are using disruptive products such as Bitcoin (with BitPesa in Kenya, Luno in South Africa), which social media marketing channels work in each African region, online monetisation strategy for each region, how to best reach a market in each African region.

Your business model 

Providing digital business development packages to entrepreneurs on the continent

Workshops hosted in Maboneng, Rosebank and schools in Johannesburg.

A few words about your competitors

They are using principles for online marketing which work well in America and Europe. They are not customising the content for reaching African consumers

Your website

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