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Our team consists of two people: Abdelbasset who is developer, a young entrepreneur and previously the founder and manager of GDG Bordj community. Bachir who worked for more than two years in a Medical Imaging Center and launched his startup in 2015, before joining the team in 2016. With Bachir’s experience in the field, his close interaction with the patients and the death of Abdelbasset’s sister due to a medical error we both dedicated our time and efforts to integrate Information technologies in Healthcare.
We got the same idea separately and started working each one on his side. In February 6th 2016 we were invited to present our projects in the University of Bordj Bou Arreridj in Algeria to the minister of Post & Information and Communication Technologies, the minister of Industry and Mines, and the Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, and it was the day we met, presented separately the same idea and then with the proposal of the ministers talked and decided to merge our startups, motivation and passion for the good of our world…
The problem!
Faced with the growing increase in demand for medical imaging and the lack of specialists and particularly in isolated areas of Algeria, available specialists are forced to assure an overtime of work or sometimes cover more than one imaging center to remedy this problem, which requires more travel and a late interpretation of the patient’s radiology examinations. In some cases, and to make the transfer of patient records, doctors intend to use non-dedicated data communication means (fax or email) or insecure transfer channels. Today, the only/real solution for this problem raise in the use of tele-radiology which is a medical act in which two practitioners work together for the immediate benefit of the patient. Tele-radiology solutions present on the market are those integrated with imaging equipment, and despite their existence, the problem persists and we come to believe that they are incomplete and not adapted to the needs of applicants.


Your products and services

RadiologyOne® is the first Algerian micro-service of tele-expertise and remote diagnostic, it facilitates the secure exchange, exploitation and archiving of the patient’s radiology images and records, it is built as a SaaS solution and can be accessed from any device, at any time. It contains a collaborative network that connects health institutions, radiologists and practitioners, intended to be fast, simple and in the service of health professionals. Giving them the possibility to find new colleagues, request complementary opinions or recruit radiologists according to their priorities. Moreover, offer their expertise services anywhere to other imaging centers.

NetworkOne® is the first Algeria social network dedicated to health professionals to give them the ability to securely and anonymously share their studies, experiences and challenging cases and discuss them together.
Our network, once realized will make an improvement on practitioners and people’s daily life its goals are simple and accurate, summarized in the following points:
  • Promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise between practitioners who use it (tele-expertise).
  • Eliminate unnecessary patient exposure to excessive radiation which minimizes the energy deposited to the patient body by the ionizing radiations, x-ray, gamma, etc.
  • Minimize the waiting time of the imaging report rendered to patients which can save their lives.
  • Reduce costs lost by unnecessary redundant and duplicate exam’s images by providing a secure archiving of electronic patient record, information and images.
  • Eco-friendliness where this solution reduces the use of paper (printed radiology exams) saves more energy and cut carbon emission which has a huge impact in the Global Warming.
  • Maximize connectivity among doctors, hospitals and patients to ultimately improve care by creating a space of collaborative work between health professionals where doctors can help their peers by sharing and solving challenging cases, their experiences, converse with colleagues and work together to build the largest African medical database of real live cases, questions and answers.
  • Provide easy access to remote patient record, allowing more mobility to specialist doctors.

Your success factors

The problem we presented is real and the solution proposed presents a valuable business opportunity compared with the huge number of medical imaging cases examined each day in and outside our country. In Algeria, and according to the Algerian National Office of Statistics (2011) more than 10 Billion Algerian Dinars are dispersed on Radiology and Medical analysis. And with a number that exceeds 270 public large institutions and more than 1000 private clinic, coupled with the fact that the majority of these institutions are interconnected by fiber optic liaison according to the Algerian National Agency for Health Documentation. The development of a such a solution in Algeria does not only remedy a big problem but presents an excellent business opportunity. Still, the key factors besides our unique idea to the solution of that problem are our team’s passion, hard-work and willingness to defeat the failure and make a real change. Our business model which give businesses a possibility to freely use and test the app, our detailed plan of execution and growth, and especially the timing where Algeria and generally Africa are going through a technology revolution, and adopting the use of Information and Communication Technologies in different sectors.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

As we mentioned before, the existing solutions are those integrated with the imaging equipment, however our solutions offers an an easy access to patients’ radiology records from any device (smartphone, tablet or computer), at anytime, it is also a place where doctors can anonymously and securely share the data. We are currently working to establish a collaboration with the Algerian Ministry of Health in order to connect all Algerian hospitals to our platform.

Our platform is based on a flexible micro-services architecture. All what a user needs are his/her login credentials and an internet connection. Before we begun the design process of our minimum valuable product, we took into consideration two important aspects to be respected:
  • Data protection and Security: the data must be secure virtually and physically. Firstly, well encrypted using our own private/public-key cryptography protocol, the transmission channels must be secured and all data must be archived according to the client needs. Second, physically by using redundant storage servers and instant backup.
  • Simplicity of usage: we believe that the more our user is able to use our platform in a simple yet enjoyable manner the more he/she is satisfied with the global experience. Therefore, we are always trying to eliminate choices that the user must make.

Your business model

Our clients are divided into two segments:
State Institutions & hospitals that have a private Fiber network. And private Medical Imaging Centers, Radiologists, Polyclinics.
The sales are done according to our clients’ segments (State Institutions & hospitals that have a private Fiber network. And private Medical Imaging Centers, Radiologists, Polyclinics.)
We have a pay by subscription model with an examination fee if it is done with an outsider client (private entity) for the first group. And a fee on each examination, a pay per use subscription model for the quota of storage and bandwidth used (a limited disk space is proposed for free) for the second group of clients.
A few words about your competitors
Our idea was original in Algeria until we launched it publicly, we believe competitors are good for the development of the solution as we will be always working harder to stay at the top of the list and to give our clients more satisfaction when using our services.

To learn more about you (website, twitter, video presentation …)

Website : (the platform is currently still being developed)

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