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Adeniji Michael Segun, a safety professional and chartered Manager by Nigerian Institute of Management, is a Sole Proprietor of PROCESS RAISER ENTERPRISE, an enterprise duly registered by Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria to carry out services such as Food production & processing services, manufacturing services, farming and general merchandise in Nigeria. Adeniji Michael Segun earned bachelor degree in Chemical engineering and went further to earn professional certificates in management and HSE ( Health Safety and Environment) from professional bodies in Nigeria. After securing solid Six years of working experience in Food industry firms as production manager and safety manager, he returned to his community in Lagos to advocate for community development , youth empowerment and consultancy on business management for business owners in food industry with the aim to increase supply of agro products in the market for local consumption as well as improving the quality of mankind.

The Process Raiser Enterprise is newly set aside to provide among others high quality agro processing products such as garri, cassava starch, flour etc that will meet the satisfaction of our consumers/customers segment, readily available and affordable for both local consumption in Nigeria as a short-term goal and abroad at large as long-term goal.

Our vision is to be known as one of the leading farm producers / food producers in Africa. 

Our Mission is to raise manufacturing processes to a high level of quality production of every product we produce in accordance with the International standard in a timely, safely and cost-effective approach through the application of latest technology in the industries, continued quality improvement program, innovative research and development.

The company is currently seeking for partnership with major players in food and agricultural industry for knowledge sharing, networking and business opportunities globally.

In the ten years to come, Process Raiser Enterprise hope to be a major player in Food/Agricultural industry in Nigeria with measurable social impacts in our society. 

In an increasing demand for agricultural products/produces supply due to an exponential increase in Nigeria’s population size, despite the prevailing economic depression, Agroindustry stands to be a way out to meet current challenges/food demand. This new business idea seeks to solve the following problems :

1. Increasing supply of agro products in the urban market (Lagos & Oyo). In other word making agro products (garri) readily available in bulk for retail and wholesale customers in Lagos & Oyo state
2. As long-term project, exporting our processed garri to other neighbouring countries and abroad in order  to strengthen our foreign reserve
3. Creating job opportunities / Wealth creation for teaming youths who are passionate to work with me for the purpose of increasing harvest/ farm produce on farmland. This aim to minimize rate of unemployment in the country

We intend to position our garri products by implementing effectively 7ps of Marketing Strategy such as Pricing Strategy by offering Same for less and More for Same for competitive advantage in the Food industry home and abroad at large.

We have customers already waiting to patronize our products once production kick starts in Oyo state Nigeria. However, we intend to generate revenue from this new business venture when fully funded by your scheme with a total sum of 10,000€  from the following sources:

  • Supply to customer segment (Wholesalers in Oyo and Lagos State Nigeria) high-quality garri in bulk volume -major Source of income to this business
  • Supply to other customer segments  (Oyo and Lagos State ) collected starch from the production of garri – minor source of income to this business
  • Supply to other customer segments (Oyo and Lagos State) cassava peels as food for livestock such as Pig and Goat – minor source of income to this business.

Channel of distribution shall be by road through our key partner logistics company in Nigeria.

Payment of our goods shall be via online portal while online order request will be encouraged from our customer segment.



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