OnchainPay cryptocurrency payment system and its main features

Onchain Pay is a powerful payment service that allows everybody to receive and send payments with full crypto management. This platform has a number of important advantages for the user. Below we’ll consider the main arguments in favor of onchainpay.io.

The main advantages of the system OnchainPay

  1. There are no registration fees or hidden taxes.
  2. Users can make global transactions instantly, without sliding mode with zero return.
  3. Payments with the help of Onchain Pay are not limited.
  4. The platform supports over 50 coins and tokens in 12 blockchain systems.
  5. To start managing payments using Onchainpay you should register. To do this you only need to specify a valid email address – no other documents are required to be provided.
  6. The payment platform offers all registered users a crypto solution for gaming and gambling and the lowest commissions on the market. Users can count on fair prices without hidden fees and surcharges.
  7. For business owners the platform offers customized plans with high rates or special business needs.
  8. The system charges a 0.5% commission on each transaction.
  9. Onchainpay has created an easy-to-use system of regular payments for sellers. These payments will be made through a smart contract, and buyers and sellers will need an online wallet to use it.
  10. Through the platform, all payments can be accepted only in cryptocurrency.

Other features and peculiarities of OnchainPay service

OnchainPay service

Onchainpay provides cryptocurrency processing and intuitive tools for invoicing and accepting payments. Every user will be able to set the amount, payment currency, expiration timer and send links to invoices. The system is easily integrated with commercial services. Online business owners will be able to waive existing restrictions and add cryptocurrency as a payment method. Thanks to automatic currency conversion, consumers will be able to pay for goods or services with any cryptocurrency. For its part the management of the resource undertakes to exchange the crypto for preferred coins or tokens.

The Onchainpay platform also offers account tracking with the help of the intuitive dashboard and history tables. The user has the opportunity to choose who will pay the commission – himself or the clients. To do this, just one mouse click is enough. Payments can be made in various cryptocurrencies.

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