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The founders have decades of Exco experience both locally and globally in technology and business operations. We set our sights on establishing an ICT company even though we never had the funding to be able to do so at the outset, we figured that if we could find customers quickly enough and maintain them that we would be able to self sustain our business and growth plans. As a team of founders with multiple disciplines and experience, we have been able to leverage off each others competencies to get our company to the next level-we have just launched our second company !

Your products and services :

We have solutions in CRM, banking and telco VAS and software, which are through our partners, but have recently developed our very own solution for SMME Africa, this idea came to us being an smme ourselves and bearing in my our very own journey as entrepreneurs in the field of ICT. Our new product is called AssistSuites !

Your success factors

We have won a few tenders already, our products are meeting the interest of the highest profile of customers in our country, we are ready to change the history of technology innovation in Africa and bring a new dimension to it

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Our products are unique to the continent, blue ocean, we do not want to compete, we want to lead the field !

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We make money through selling software solutions, (licencing), support ,implementation, maintenance

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